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Hi everyone. I'm a 43 y/o married BBW looking for friends. That's all, just friends. I have no
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Hi everyone. I'm a 43 y/o married BBW looking for friends. That's all, just friends. I have nothing to offer anyone beyond friendship. People that understand me and my interests as well as my desires and kinks. Just to be clear, I know that I'm a big girl, so if you don't like bbw's, please don't waste either of our time just keep moving. If you are a fan of us, say hi.

💖 *Dating a larger woman (borrowed from another site with permission) 1. If she comes clean about her size and you bash her, fuck you. For some (not all) that is a sensitive spot and she trusts you enough to tell you. If it is not for you, be kind. 2. You defend her like you would anyone else you ever dated. People will be unkind to her for her size. Step up or step off. 3. She does not owe you a damn thing because of her size. Just because she is a big girl doesn't mean she should worship you. 4. If she argues with you about her looks and tells you that she is not pretty because she is big, you argue til she submits, but don't get angry or frustrated. It's not her fault. 5. Do not date a BBW with the expectation that she will lose the weight for you. She might be happy the way she is. She might want to lose the weight but only on her terms and her own desire to do so. As a partner, all you can do is acknowledge it and respect her wishes. 6. Sometimes size makes some sex positions impossible, or needing slight adjustments to make it work. Be willing and patient to help figure out a solution instead of acting like it's the end of the world. 7. Do not assume that every BBW has low self-esteem, and on the flip side if she does, don't be a douche and prey on it.

Journal Entries:
9/29/2017 8:10:13 PM
I want to just take a moment and vent here, if I may. I added a picture to my profile of a message I received on here tonight because I was blown away and highly offended! Somebody took it upon themselves to tell me that I was ignorant because I have a tattoo that may or may not represent that I sleep with black men. This person sent me a message, already aggressive, calling me ignorant. My response was k. To which they asked what my tattoo meant. My response was That it's really none of your business now is it? That person then took it upon themselves to not only decide what my tattoo meant but then tell me that I was ignorant and a sick bitch. And I suppose the cherry on top is that following that last message, this person deleted their account, not bothering to stick around and have an intelligent conversation about it. Instead chose to sling accusations and insults, then tuck tail and ruin. I am so over this country's problem with one color versus another color! For the love of God, are we not all people? Are we not all made of skin and bones, organs and blood? If you cut someone, regardless of their race, will they not bleed?? Guess what people... Your freedom was defended by people of all races and nationalities. The freedom that you enjoy to use to call other people ignorant is in part due to the sacrifices made by the same people that you are prejudiced against.

9/8/2017 10:37:10 PM
I give. Hands up in the air, I surrender.

7/17/2017 12:58:46 PM
Just a fantasy... You come home from running errands and I'm sitting on the floor in my favorite princess dress, tongue sticking out of the side of my mouth while I concentrate on coloring with my favorite purple crayon. You chuckle to yourself because I never seem to want any other color, every picture in the house is colored purple. You come by and pull my ponytail gently to get my attention, I'm concentrating so much that I didn't even hear you come in. I look up, blink my eyes and at the moment my brain catches up and realizes what is happening, I squeal with excitement and jump up ruining to you and throwing my arms around you. You laugh taking me over to your favorite chair and sit down so I can climb up in your lap and cuddle with you. You sit down and I scurry into your lap, wrapping my arms around you and burrowing the top of my head under your chin while making content mewing sounds. You wrap your arms around me and stroke my hair. After spending a few minutes together you ask me if I want to play a game, which I enthusiastically say yes. You tell me that you need to go to your room before wet can start and set me in the floor. When you return you find me sitting in your chair swinging my legs back and forth playing with my purple crayon. You tell me to stand up and you sit back in your chair again. When I stand you tell me that to play the game right we have to take my princess dress off. I lift my arms giggling and you pull my dress off over my head. Standing in my Cinderella panties you tell me to turn around and put my arms behind my back. I turn around quickly, feeling your warm hands on my hands and something warm being wrapped around my arms and then I hear a click. A confused look passes over my face when I feel you let go of my arms but they don't move, they're stuck. You pull me back up into your lap so that your chest is pressed against my back. You start asking me questions with your mouth close to my ear and as you talk, your whiskers tickle my neck. I start giggling and wiggling around in your lap saying "Daaddeee!! You're tickling me daddy!!" At that time you start biting and growling, saying you're the big bad wolf and your going to eat me all up. I continue giggling but you also hear whimpers coming from my throat. You ask me "Baby girl are you ok?" I say "yes, daddy is just making my body feel funny. Like I have butterflies in my tummy daddy" as I wiggle my bottom back and forth in your lap. You tell me you can help make them go away and would I like to see how. Of course you already knew the answer would be of course! You move me forward and unzip your pants, telling me that you have to get your daddy magic wand out. Then slide me back to the place I was, the only thing separating us is my Cinderella panties. After you restore my position I can feel your hardness through my panties. I love the way it feels under my bottom so I start grinding my bottom into your lap. You start rubbing your whiskers on my neck, biting my neck, my ear. As I squirm in your lap I hear "time to be a big girl for daddy", I feel daddy stretch my panties out of the way and I feel your finger rubbing the length of my slit. You say "my my baby girl, someone sure is wet" and dip a finger inside. Trying to spread my legs wider for you, I nod my head shyly. You ask "baby girl, why are you so wet?" I hang my head and mumble, too shy to speak louder. You place the side of your index finger under my chin and raise my face so that my words met yours and ask me again "baby girl... I asked why you are so wet." I say "because I want daddy's hard rod inside of me". You smile that beautiful, warm daddy smile and say "ok baby girl, if you want daddy's hard rod, who am I to tell you no?" I place my hands on your knees and lean forward. You place your hand in the small of my back, with my panties still pushed out of the way, slide the very tip of your hard cock inside of me. Moaning, I rotate my hips in circles, taking a more and more of you, deeper and deeper. I finally yet app of you inside of me and you pull me back so that my back is resting against you, my legs spread wide and daddy buried deep inside of me. As you whisper in my ear what a good girl I am for daddy, your right hand goes to my hip to allow you to push and pull and your left hand wraps around my throat. You know how much of a trigger that is for me, it's my kryptonite. I start bucking my hips forward and back, impailing myself on your hard cock, whimpering and moaning. My noises become more frequent and my movements more erratic and you know I'm getting close. You tighten your hand around my neck and say "daddy's going to breed you now baby". As you grip my throat you push and pull on my hip recognizing that all to familiar pull on your balls. You let yourself go, spurting your hot seed inside of me, painting my walls with your hot cum. Feeling the first shot inside of me sends me over the edge into my own orgasm. Crying out in orgasm, my walls milk your cock for every last drop of cum. Both sated, I slump against you and you wrap your arms around me. I look into your eyes and we don't need words. You gently ask "you ready for your bath baby?"

6/17/2017 12:56:34 AM
I feel you, I sense your presence. I'm laying in my bed on my stomach, on top of the blankets. My wand attachment is buried inside of me and I'm riding it hard. You can tell by the way my body is moving up and down, grinding into my wand that I'm so close but I can't get there and I need a little push. Stoking your hard cock you climb onto the bed. I feel you crawling up over the top of me which only serves to make me ride harder. You spit on your hand, wipe the spit on the head of your hard cock and as you line it up with my tiny rosebud you wrap your big hand around my neck pushing the side of my face into the bed. I moan loudly as you push into me, the head of your cock pushing through that tight ring. I feel so full as you push yourself all the way inside of me. I'm so thankful for the moment you've given me to get accustomed to the intrusion. You begin sliding in and out, making the wand push harder against my clit. As you moan into my ear and tell me that I belong to you I can feel the orgasm building quickly. Before I can ask for permission, the orgasm crashes over me and I'm carried away. You growl and remind me that I will pay for that. You begin to push deeper and harder every time. The orgasm continues to sweep me away making me scream out. I feel you slam your hips into my bottom and my most secret walls become bathed in your seed. Please forgive spelling or word errors, done on my phone.

5/21/2017 5:56:33 PM
Please understand, the chat feature here requires the Flash program and cellphones don't support Flash. I'm not ignoring you or anything, i simply cannot chat here. Please forgive if I've offended you by not chatting!

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