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 Where is that lady submissive who needs her body teased and shaped, controlled and girdl
Male Dominant, 55,  Everywhere, Maryland US

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 Where is that lady submissive who needs her body teased and shaped, controlled and girdled to display her buttocks, hips, narrowing waist and best show off her pert (or heavy) breasts?  I will accentuate your best features and use them.  If you are of a mind to submit and obsessed with service and crave depraved depths of ownership and play and dedication.  Are she, the girl that needs and aches for the feeling of the damp wetness between her loins uncontrollably beginning....-- even in public after a word or a touch or a look or a subtle command? Or a reminder of who owns and controls?  Well, then,  it starts with a message to me. 


Be the one for me that gives all to me  in humiliating honorable service - and is a partner in love and life as well.  Come see if we together can have you explode multiply times for Master.


Thought of the day: Soft flesh of clay shaped to my liking, spread before me open revealed honest - and dark dark dark thoughts. Below. low low lowdown,  low cut and top high cut dress. OR she naked and bound so that her walk is hobbling and wobbling, her ass more pronounced, stuffed and gaped.  (gasp) Her cunt lips tenderly protruding from especially chosen and arranged panties, presented for trained, tugging, caressing, pinching, spreading.  Display your lovely flower for Master. 


Thought for the day:  A girl's open mouth and avid tongue, a girl who luvs her Man's spunk filling her mouth and coating her throat, who loves it spread on her forehead for all to see, or caked on her cunt for only her to know throughout the day.  Nasty cunt, covered and protected by Master's strong goo cum.  Cunt filled, panties cracking wiith it drying. 


Thought for the day: Today I am simply stingingly, ball tinglingly horny. I'd fuck my girl hard and every which way on a day such as today.  I'd own you and wear your cunt rough and raw.


Thought for the day:  My o my, I sure could use an explosively wet cunt today, and some heavy hanging breasts, ripe fruit, hardened stems.


Thought for the day: Sexual/physical activity is but one aspect of a D/s relationship. Service, worship, focused mental space, devotion.  These all play a role.  Underlying 'role' play and sensual, stimulative activity -- is control.  Underlying control is mind, heart and soul. The foundation, like a fine girdle and boned corset under the skirts and blouse.


Thought for the day:  Eyes speak. The gaze has meaning.


Thought for the day:   Today I am thinking physical control, use, abuse, limits.  Specificallly thinking about nice titties, knockers, nipples, bound, pulled, pinched, teased, sucked, etc.


Thought for the day: Pumping - as in heavy fucking, as in pumped up pussy lips, as in pumping milk.


Dastardly dreamy horny hungry

dominant man

seeks a slutty wet achingly lovely lady

to submit, be  taken, eventually owned




What I seek.  Who I seeK.  Who are YOU? 


You are a modern lady. BUT at home, you are MINE.  You may perhaps be in retro-oriented undies and clothes, aprons, and structured bras. You will be a lady at home and whore to Me.  You will wish and need and ache only to serve ME lustily and passionately. A hot lusty pot boiling for Me, spread wide when I seek the heat. Clamped shut when I seek the demure.



I like lingerie, esp. shapers - old fashioned girdles and corsets hotter than hot. I would love to have someone wear these things, albeit not all the time. I love breasts and love nipple play - and would consider working on lactation/milking with someone. 


I also love super wet ladies - and I love taking ladies to a soakingly edged state and controlling that ultimate release.


I am not a sadist,but I will punish, spank, bind, and thrust.  You will be practiced in special positions: although I do not believe in extreme protocols, there will be some imposed when I believe it beneficial.


You will crave more... and more.


I have a rich fantasy life to activite with the proper partner.


I am educated, inquisitive, talkative, usually intelligent,  and I am seeking a compatible woman who is kinky, sensual, and fun, as well as dedicated to exploring the BDSM dynamic - head and heart and soul, as much as the all important physical.  Your body will be mine - and I will control and tease and overwhelm you sensually. That is my aim.  You may be denied, but only in the course of eventual (eventual... ) pleasures, cumming well and hard.


I seek someone with whom I can explore explore explore, control, shape, take, use, and care for.



Journal Entries:
4/27/2017 1:40:31 AM
determined, even keeled, understated Dom seeks the right one for training, use, abuse.

I like very wet hungry cunt.
I like heavy tits ready for suckling, pumping, nipple pinching, and caressing.

I like thighs ready to be pushed open.

I like an ass ready for kind attention and use as the punishment zone, as needed.

you need control, worship, quenching of the unquenchable, and 
you ache to worship the Right Man for you - to obey to cherish to suck to be fucked.

The right lady will serve me long term - forever and to infinity.

Are you ready?

4/9/2017 6:45:41 AM
seeking girdled spankee

10/12/2016 11:52:19 AM
One activity that I would like to engage in with my submissive is physical transformation. Not 'bimbo' stuff, but rather certain re-shaping and binding.   I think a lot about corset training and, yes, girdles.  I would love to mold and bind hanging breasts, and increase nipple size and use.   And I would love to pull on labia to stretch them just enough to know you have been claimed and that I own and control your (my) pussy.

gently into the night, but persistent.  small changes over time add up to something of which one can take notice and pride.   marked changes marked by slow, measurable progress, as your heart soul and loins become Mine.

I seek long term, which is the only way my need to shape you will become real.  A long term project.

6/14/2016 12:49:06 AM
currently seeking a pendulous pear.

4/29/2016 8:01:50 AM
today I am thinking about a lady who is so overheated and wet that she needs my control - and my use.  Are you basically a squirming wet cunt with panties that get damp all too regularly?  Do you need to give your cunt to One strong, wilful Man to own and control, so that you do not end  up the office whore? 

No worries about your pussy being used - rest assured that I will use it in all sorts of ways, and rest assured you will have your orgasm time. BUT it will be when and how I wish, not you.  You will be underwraps except when I call you and tell you to finger yourself, or insert something.  You will be wearing what I want, covering MY pussy with things I select.  You will be brought to the peak of release and then let down;  often.  But sometimes you will be brought through the peak and explode til broken, til a puddle of softness exhausted and beyond.

You will be fucked hard from behind, or with your legs sprawled spread and rolled up high to your ears, and then your mouth will take hard thrusts while your full lips are pulled open and that gushing cunt plunged with god knows what phallic toy or vegetable.  You will devour it for me, and I shall devour you and use you til you cannot. 

Your horny wet pussy, your active clit - your open aching gash holes, your mouth your eyes your ass your desire -- you will be owned.  It will be mine and you know it to be best that way.

Are you ready? Do you need ownership? Does your ass need a stinging soreness echoing all day throughout your body to the depths of your soul?

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