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About Me As A Person I have a sharp sense of humor. I am intelligent, sarcastic, confident, a
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About Me As A Person

I have a sharp sense of humor. I am intelligent, sarcastic, confident, and all those other good things. I like to stay young by listening to punk rock and ska. I have many strong opinions about a variety of subjects, which are nearly always the correct opinion. I am a self professed geek and proud of it. But I not so geeky I have forgotten how to be social as well. And I enjoy hanging out with my friends when I get the chance. I am a divorced dad with two wonderful kids that are the most important thing in my life.


I spend a lot of time solving problems. Whether it is a new solution to the crisis in the Middle East or a way to scan the solar system to search for asteroids which threaten our planet, I have probably devoted a good bit of time to researching the problem and finding an answer. It is what I do for fun.


Someday I hope to use my skills to help people either as a volunteer system administrator in a disaster relief command center or as a builder of temporary computer and communication centers. I have some interesting ideas about how to pack an entire 50 station computer and communications center into a single crate and be able to ship it anywhere in the world.

About Me As A Dominant

As people tend to like labels, I am a mix of Daddy, Master, Sensualist, and Gentleman, with enough Sadist thrown in to keep it interesting. My primary kinks are the control and use of female orgasm as a tool for control and for play. I also like spanking, bondage, and flogging.


I am primarily into mental domination, which is a much deeper and more penetrating domination than simple physical domination. I establish dominance through casual conversations which reveal your personality and your drives. Then I use what I learn to both our benefits. There is no need for me to insist on being called Master or Sir. Eventually this type of connection naturally compels the use of these titles when you feel the submission taking hold.


Domination is almost completely a mental exercise. Deep levels of submission come from the mind not the body and by extension so does dominance. I came up with a funny but somewhat crude saying, inspired by a friend of mine, "I am more interested in sticking my dick into the back of your head than the front, because any guy can do the latter". Once I am firmly implanted in the back of your head, I am always there as a constant reminder to please me in all you do.


There is a challenge to figuring out the puzzle you present and working out how to solve that puzzle. I like the thought of taking a raw gem stone or one that has been previously inexpertly cut and turning it into an exquisite jewel. I do that by not just looking at you as a sub. You are an entire person with strengths and weakness. The trick is to find a way to work your entire person and not just being a good submissive. I hope you are a better sub for having known me as a master, and you are a better person for the experience as well.

Journal Entries:
10/21/2017 5:34:40 AM
A bit of silliness to brighten your day.

Silly Songs with Daddy

“And now it’s time for ‘Silly Songs with Daddy’, the part of the show where Daddy comes out and sings a Silly Song.”

- to the tune of Gilligan’s Island

‘Cause I would not stop for Daddy;
He kindly punished me.
The wooden stool held but myself;
And stinging butt to be.

Time slowly passed - he knew not haste;
And I had put away;
My colors and my freedom too;
For his civility.

Laid upon the bed, while Daddy strove;
A belt swung at my butt;
The tears did fall like pouring rain;
He struck the final one.

All sore and on his lap;
I lay now quivering and still;
My cheeks glowed red, I frown;
He holds me ‘til I chill.

Mooseknuckle’s Corner

“Hello, there poetry lovers. Today’s offering is “Ode to a Pile of Dirty Laundry” by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings.”

Ode to a Pile of Laundry

Oh pile of dirty laundry;
Sitting on my basement floor;
I am quite very certain;
You had not been there afore.

Such will ever be my fate;
For my toil is but in vain;
For even if I wash you now;
Ere ‘morrow you will come again.

I stand here and I consider;
Has it really come to that;
Writing dirty poetry;
It means I am such a prat.

8/14/2017 7:24:52 AM
St Zita’s Home for Girls - Chapter 1

Marianne rang the doorbell and waited, staring at the words above the door, “Per dominum nostrum paret, ipsi enim scitis”. She was short only about 5’ 2" and an average build. Her best asset was her long blonde hair which she wore up in a ponytail today. She thought about the ad she had read online. It seemed strange but enticing and the price was certainly right, about $2000 less than living on campus.
The ad read “Now accepting applicants for St Zita’s Home for Girls. We have an opening for one young woman who is a student at one of the local universities to join our house. We are very selective and are seeking a good match with our current residents. The rent is $600 a month and includes utilities and food. Residents are expected to follow the rules and to provide service to the house and its owner while they reside in the house.”
The door opened slowly revealing the figure of a young woman dressed in a tight fitting black dress with long black hair. Her blue eyes were bright and fixed on Marianne. She was a couple inches taller than her and quite thin.
“May I help you,” she said.
“Hello, my name is Marianne. I am here about the room.”
“Oh yes we were expecting you. Come in. My name is Dominique. Follow me please.”
Dominique lead Marianne into the house and to a room on her left. It was in the front of the house and furnished comfortably with overstuffed loveseats.
“Please take a seat while I tell the Owner you are here. Would you like something to drink while you wait?”
“No thank you,” Marianne said shaking her head.
“It should only be a few minutes,” Dominque said as she left the room. Marianne could hear her footsteps on the stairs as she went to inform the Owner she was here.
The house was an imposing three story brick structure. Marianne could tell it had been well restored both inside and out. There were paintings on the wall of this room and on one wall was a built-in book case stretching along the entire wall from floor to ceiling. And the location was good as well, only a mile from her university’s campus. Lost in thought admiring the house, she did not notice Dominque’s return.
“The Owner is not available at the moment, but he will join us soon. In the meantime, tell me about yourself, Marianne.”
“Well, I am a sophomore in elementary education at St. Johns and I am from Tinville. Eventually, I would like to go back and teach school.”
“That is good. I am a senior in Journalism at St. Johns. I have been living here since I was a sophomore and now I am the Owner’s primary helper. Do you have a boyfriend?”
“No, I don’t. I had one up until last semester. He was my high school sweetheart, but he went to school on the other side of the state and decided I was too far way.”
“Well, boys are not permitted in the house under any circumstance. The only time there are men in the house other than the Owner is when he hosts a party, which does not happen often.”
Marianne noticed the black leather collar around Dominque’s neck as she spoke. It looked to be made of fine leather and was stenciled with her name. A bright silver buckle held it in place. She heard the front door open and close and the sound of rummaging in the hall closet by the front door. A tall girl with bright red curly hair bound in a ponytail appeared in the doorway of the parlor. She had green eyes that sparkled with a devil may care attitude. She struggled to put on a collar similar to the one around Dominique’s neck.
“We have a guest today Gayle.”
The girl with the red hair stepped into the parlor as she finished securing her collar.
“Gayle, this is Marianne. Marianne, this is Gayle.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you!”
“The Owner asked me to remind you to finish the dishes when you got home, Gayle. He seemed very cross about it.”
Gayle smiled broadly and laughed. She stuck her tongue out at Dominque and disappeared back into the hallway. Her footsteps trailing off toward the kitchen.
“What is with the collars?”
Dominque smiled at her curiosity. “They are part of the house uniform, but I will leave the details to be explained by the Owner.”
As if summoned by the words, a tall man with broad shoulders and good-natured smile entered the room. Dominque stood as he entered the room. Marianne stood as well, following her example. He stepped across the room and extended his hand. She reached out and he gave her a hearty handshake.
“You must be Marianne. Dominque, would you bring me an application packet please.”
“Yes, Sir,” she said and disappeared from the room again.
He sat down in the loveseat across from her and Marianne took her seat again.
“I hope my tardiness did not inconvenience you too much. I had an important disciple matter to attend to before you arrived. So, tell me a bit about yourself.”
“Well, I am a sophomore in elementary education at St. Johns and I am from Tinville. It is a rural town about two hours away from here. When I am finished with school, I would like to go back there and teach school.”
“And how are you doing in school?”
Marianne shifted in her chair slightly. “I’m doing alright I suppose, but I could be doing better.”
“I guess that I guessed that might be the case.”
Mary Ann look down at her feet.
“I am the owner of this house and everything in it I provided unique living experience for select individuals. Currently we have one opening for a young lady such as yourself normally there are six young ladies living here. As a member of this house you would it be expected to follow all the rules, to provide service to the house, and follow the schedule for the house. And I will assume you saw the collars the girls wear which are part of the House uniform and a the symbol of the commitment they made joining this house. All the rules and exoectations areexplained in the online part application process. When Dominique brings back the packet there is a page ben explains how to access it.”
As if that was her cue, Dominique reappeared in the doorway with a folder. She handed the folder to him. He opened the holder pulling out of page. Dominique handed him a pen and he wrote something on the page. He placed the page back into the folder and handed the pen and folder back to Dominique. He stood and Mary Ann rose with as he extended his hand to shake hers.
“It was a pleasure to meet you Marianne. I do hope after careful consideration of what we offer and what we expect you will decide to join our small home. Dominique will show you out.”
He walked out of the room and headed back up the stairs. Dominique gave Mary the folder.
“If you have any questions, please call the number inside the folder.”
Dominque showed her to the front door and opened it for her. Marianne stepped back out into the bright sunshine. She was not sure what to make of her experience and thought about it all the way home that evening.
Dominque closed the door and walked up the two flights of stairs to the Owner’s office. She knocked softly on the door and waited for admittance.
“Come in!”
She opened the door and walked into the office. The Owner sat behind his desk working on his laptop. She walked over beside him and knelt as his feet, quietly waiting for his acknowledgement. He finished what he typing and looked down at her.
“I think she will make an excellent addition to the house,” Dominque said.
“We will see how she does on her application. But she does indeed look promising.”
Dominque laid her head in his lap and he petted her hair. “There are two more girls coming by this afternoon, Sir.”
“What time are they supposed to be here?”
“The first one is scheduled at 3 pm and the second at 4 pm, Sir”
“And how do they look on paper?”
“Neither are as promising as Marianne.”
“Well since it is only 1:30 now, go to my room and tell Lizzy she may get up. Send her one her way and wait for me there.”
“Yes, Sir”
Dominique left his office and walked to the room next door. She opened the door and walked into his bedroom. Lizzy lie bent over the bed naked. There were a series of angry red welts on her butt. Lizzy had broken the curfew the night before. And now she had paid the price for it. Dominique gave her a big hug.
“The Owner says you may get up now, Lizzy.”
Lizzy stood and hugged her back, then rubbed her sore butt. Lizzy was as tall as her but with light brown hair and a girl next door face. She stood in stark contrast to the girl in the black dress with her pale skin and long black hair. Lizzy kissed her on the cheek, before gathering her clothes and leaving the room.
As the door closed, Dominique sat on the bed for a few minutes gathering herself together. She stood and took off her clothes. Folded neatly she set them on a chair and knelt by the bed waiting for him. She did not wait long. The door opened and closed behind her. He stood behind her and whispered in her ear, “Good girl.” Her private parts immediately soaked themselves on hearing his words.
He lifted her to her feet and bent her over the bed. She listened as he removed his cloths moved in behind her. His big cock pressed against her cheeks eliciting a soft moan from her. He spread her cheeks and rub it up and down across her sensitive skin. Her hips gyrated against him begging for his penetration. He slid against her private one last time and then pushed it up against her sopping hole.
This was Dominique’s favorite thing. She did not want to be romanced or made love to gently. Her body craved to be used like a toy, whose only purpose to serve his cock. Before she had come to St. Zita’s, she had been in trouble several times for being inappropriate on campus. But now he had given her purpose and direction. She was his toy to use whenever and however he felt. Because of her eagerness and enthusiasm, she soon became his become his favorite fuck toy. And now in her third year with him was his trusted lieutenant.
She winced as he slid inside her feeling his dry skin rub hard against her dripping hole as he penetrated her. Her body would be sore the rest of the day from his rough entry, but it would be the yummy kind of sore. The Owner pushed all the way inside her filling her hole. He reached up and grabbed a handful of hair pulling her back hard against him. Her body moved as he guided it with her hair. His rough treatment made her private parts drip down her leg.
“Please, Sir, may I cum,” she whimpered.
“Yes, you may.”
Dominque’s body convulsed with his permission. He held her as her legs buckled underneath her, letting her hair go temporarily. As her quivered having been turned to jello by her orgasm, he lifted her up and placed her face down on the bed. She spread her legs and rose to her knees on instinct. He pushed deep inside her once more and savagely fucked her wet hole. She screamed with pleasure as he banged deep inside against her inner walls. She needed to cum yet again and her body tensed.
“Not without permission!”
“Sir, I need to cum again, please!”
“Not yet.”
He renewed his assault on her wet hole. Her privates leaked now, her juices spreading everywhere. He swatted her ass hard. Her body quaked with a barely contained orgasm. He knew she could not take much more.
“Now you may cum.”
Her body obeyed him just as she did any other time. Her juices flowed from her hole as her body shook hard. He used her harder as she did, his long strokes keeping her body in a state of orgasm far longer than normal. Her legs were numb from the effort and she went limp in the bed as it passed. She could feel him grow inside her as his own release grew more urgent. She pushed back into him hard impaling her slender body on him. His first pulse coated her inner wall as his cock let go.
“May I cum, Sir”
“Yes, you may.”
Her own orgasm joined his and her body quaked hard with each pulse of his treasure filled her more. She continued to shake long after he had stopped, milking his manhood for more of his treat. With a gasp, she collapsed into the bed once more completely spent. He laid down beside her and pulled her trembling body next to his.
“What a good cum slut.”
A faint smile crossed Dominique’s face. She basked in his approval of her job as his cum slut. This was what she wanted to always be. It fulfilled her and made her whole. He hugged her tightly one last time.
“Come clean me off and then we need to get ready for our guests.”
Dominique inched her body down his until she reached his cock. She took it in her hands and licked their juices off him. Her tongue ran down his shaft and back up again, then she swallowed him deep in her mouth sucking him clean. After a few minutes, she squeezed him hard hoping encourage the few remaining drops out. She licked the tip as they released on her tongue. Her body shivered as taste coated her mouth.
“Cum again for me!”
Her body responded without hesitation and she sucked hard as the wave of pleasure filled her. She rolled on her back contentedly. He kissed her neck and breasts and then walked into the bathroom. The water splashed noisily as he washed up. He walked back into the room and dressed quickly.
“Get up soon and clean up, cum slut. I expect you to be ready for our guest when she arrives.”
“Yes, Sir!”
He closed the door behind him as he left. She heard him cross the hall to his office and close the office door. She pulled his pillow to her and curled up with it for a quick nap.
The rough translation of the motto above the door used by the current St. Zita’s House for Girls is “Through submission to our Master, we know ourselves”. Its original meaning was probably “Through obedience to our Lord God, we know ourselves”, back when St. Zita’s was actually a catholic girls dormitory for St. Johns University.

6/16/2017 4:20:01 AM
To Close to the Sun

She sat on the floor arranging the art he had bought from her. Her blue flowered sun dress draped over her legs she tried desperately to focus. Her insides trembling again. It happened every time she was around him. His voice resonated through her chest pushing right into her heart and his calm dominant manner made her legs nearly give out.

He had stepped away to pour them a glass of wine. But she could still sense his presence behind her as if he were still in the room watching her, enjoying her plight. He was dangerous and would completely consume her if she gave into him. She desired to do just that, to kneel at his feet and become his. However, to do so she would give up everything else in her life. She would be Icarus flying to close to the Sun.

The sound of his footsteps on the stairs startled her back to reality. "Focus," she whispered to herself.

"Here is your wine," he said as he handed her a glass. She raised the glass and took a big gulp to calm her nervousness. He smiled as she struggled to maintain her composure.

"I think the piece with the lilies would be better in the upper right hand corner," he said.

She looked over the pieces again and nodded. She took the picture of the lilies and moved it to the spot he suggested and took the one of roses and move it to the lilies' previous position.

"There that looks perfect."

She nodded in agreement, the arrangement was beautiful and would look spectacular hanging on the wall he had chosen. His house was becoming her personal museum. For the last two years, she had been decorating his house for him. Every room had a theme and she acquired the artwork to fulfill his vision. The last set of five were pictures of flowers going up in a bright airy space in his house.

He reached out his hand and lifted her to feet. She blushed lightly and looked away as she stood. She never understood the simple power of his touch over her. And she wobbled unsteadily as she attempted to stand on her own. He did not let go of her hand until she did.

"I think I drank the wine a little fast."

"You should get started hanging them," he said observing every minute detail of her expressions.

"Yes, I should. It is getting late and I do not want to keep you."

She pulled out her measuring tape and began to jot down the exact location of each painting so she would be able to hang them to the wall. He opened up her step stool and set it next to the wall. She stepped up on the stool and arranged the hangers in the precise locations he had chosen. He watched as she worked and she his gaze boring right into her soul.

She worked quickly and carefully as she wanted to be free of him once more. The longer she stayed the more her resistance crumbled. She climbed the rungs of the ladder and began to place the last of the painting on the wall. The heel of her shoe caught in the metal and she tumbled backward. She did not know how but he was behind her in an instant. He caught her as she fell and she collapsed back into his arms. She wrapped her arms around her body as he held her in his embrace ever so slightly longer than he should have.

"Are you okay," he asked in his deep rich voice letting his arms slip from around her.

"Yes, I think so. I don't know what happened. One second I was fine and the next I was tumbling backward into your." Her voice trailed off and she never finished her sentence.

"Well you managed to get the picture up, even if it is a bit crooked."

He reached up and adjusted the painting until it was straight and square like the other. She tried to catch her breath but she still sensed his arms wrapped around her holding her close to him.His ownership was not what she wanted but what she needed. And now she would give up everything to have it. He pushed the couch back up against the wall and sat down.

She looked at him sitting there and chewed on her lip. He smiled as she haltingly walked across the room and stood before her. He pointed to the floor at his feet not saying a word and she collapsed to her knees at his feet putting her head in his lap.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"No, but I can't take it anymore. Take me, own me, make me yours."

He lifted her chin and kissed her long and deep on the lips his tongue exploring every crevice of her mouth. Her insides turned to jelly as he claimed her with his mouth. He pulled her dress off over her head and removed her panties and bra. She trembled at each brush of his hand and blushed brightly as she knelt exposed before him.

He slid his hand between her legs and felt her wetness dripping from her. He found her special spot and gently massaged it with the tips of his fingers. Her body quivered as he touched her sensitive skin and her hips ground of their own accord. His touch was more powerful than she had ever imagined.

"First rule, never orgasm without my explicit permission."

"Yes, Sir!"

She body shook as his fingers drove her closer and closer to the edge. He smiled at her, enjoying the struggle in her face.

"You may cum."

Her body quaked as his words washed over her. The muscles in pelvis twitched uncontrollably. She had never had an orgasm like this before. It was liberating not being in control anymore and her body agreed with her. She panted heavily as the last waves receded. He lifted her to feet and bent her over the couch. He pushed his large cock deep inside her body roughly. No one have ever fucked her like this before. There was no softness, no timidness. He used her body like she belong to him completely. She screamed as he bottomed out in her wet hole.

"Please can I cum."

"Yes, you may."

Her shivered and shook as the new wave of orgasm spread through her. He did not relent or let up and took her even harder in response to her release. She collapsed into the couch as it finally passed. He pulled her hips toward him and renewed his assault. She cried out as the first pulse of his seed splashed against her inner walls. Each new squirt was like a fire spreading through her. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of being claimed by him. He pulled her back into him as he pulled out of her. She smiled faintly barely able to catch her breath. His cum now coated every part of her insides.

"Thank you," she breathed softly.

"My pleasure as always."

He held her until she was steady on her feet again. She never imagined in all her day dreams about him that being claimed by him would feel this good. As she slowly returned to reality, her bliss was replaced with sadness. Now she would have to return to her normal life, because she could not stay with him.

"It will be okay," he said quietly kissing her on the forehead, "you will figure it out"

He helped her dress and held her tightly before leading her to the door. She kissed him passionately one more time and then closed the door behind her. She climbed into the driver's seat of her car, as he continued to leak from her. Her mind was buzzing with thoughts of what would happen next. She now had a taste of what it meant to be his and she wanted more. She knew she would sacrifice everything to be his forever.


It has been a while but here is a brand new story. I hope you enjoy it.

5/18/2017 4:48:49 AM
In addition to everything else, I am also a writer.  You can find my scribbles on Tumblr.  

My Tumblr

A couple of chapters from my published book, Kitten's Tail.

And here are the links to the stories from other things I am working on:
Jane and Sarah
Other short stories

Please let me know if you enjoy them.

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