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I wouldn't say I'm actively trying to figure my role out, so much as I would say I'm simply do
Female Submissive, 41,  Arizona US

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 Submissive Female


 5' 3"





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Dominant Male

Friends Only

I wouldn't say I'm actively trying to figure my role out, so much as I would say I'm simply doing whatever feels right in the moment. 

Currently exploring that poly-life ;)



 1)The Switch: ISO a masochistic bottom/pain-slut. I have occasional sadistic needs requiring being met, and a few impact play toys which require being practiced with. Ownership is not the goal(but who knows, given time), regular play partner is. Negotiation will take place.


I am seeking to get to know people over time, and if it leads to more (local, unattached, and available Dominant men, specifically), I am open to that. I am not in a rush for that to happen, though. 

3) My ideal person: a male Dominant. The Ricky to my Lucy.

Will be seeking something beyond play. Will agree that without trust, honesty, respect, and communication, you have nothing. Please be healthy in mind, body, and soul(heart). Honorable, respectful, lives with integrity.

Local(ideally), and available.

5'9' and taller is a definite +!


I am always seeking to meet friends(platonic) from all backgrounds. I enjoy conversation with all. If I limit myself, then I am missing out on so many interesting people. Don'tcha think? For clarification purposes, I am not interested in LDRs, or online.


Fet: SimplyBe

Alt: _Be_



always evolving...


Journal Entries:
9/12/2017 6:28:50 AM
Interesting, how the Universe knows better than you, and will make the necessary corrections without you having realized.

8/16/2017 6:11:09 PM
Excited about new adventures.

Mientras exploro, donde quiera que estés, sigue siendo tú.

8/1/2017 3:14:01 AM
When you know your worth...
When you know who you are...
You aren't afraid of anything.
Even walking away doesn't concern you.

To my Ricky,
I did my research, I then negotiated what needed to be. It fell in my favor. I'll be getting what I want, what I need.
As I always do, have done, will continue to do.
Now do you understand why any ol' Tom, Dick, or Harry, isn't for me? 

7/14/2017 11:44:35 AM
Give me eyes to see...
Give me wisdom to tell...
give me wings and I will fly...
Give me water to drink...
give me words to tell...

7/11/2017 12:51:40 PM
What I am not...
is your fetish dispenser.
 I won't respond to messaged scenarios. I prefer realtime over online. 
I don't apologize for my preferences.

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