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For the sake of basic information (and those with short attention spans), I'm sub not slave (t
Male Submissive, 50,  Abingdon, Maryland US

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Bisexual Trans Dominant
Age: 31, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
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For the sake of basic information (and those with short attention spans), I'm sub not slave (tbd), omnisexual and kinda cute! :)


Oh and please don't ask me to chat, it reboots when I try to access chats.


Updated 05-20-17



Updated my "searching for" to remove and add some of the categories.  This is not to say that I am totally interested in the others, just that these are the categories that most interest me and that I have experience with.  Switch and sub categories are marked more for conversation and connection, not that I am changing from submissive myself.



Okay moved the more transient information to the journal where I feel it belongs, this will be about me and what I'm looking for as that is fairly static information.

What I am not looking for is to be anyones whore, slut, booty call, one and done person.  (At least until we know one another, then role play is totally acceptable.)


I'm trying to be realistic and to be honest don't expect to find everything I'm looking for in a dominant partner, but willing to try.  


I am not a full time, fully transitioned person at this time.  I'm working towards that, but I am limited by several restrictions on my freedom.  I will figure out work arounds and eventually (no dates in mind) get to that point.  My main goal is balance within myself and happiness with my self picture.  Yes, I know I have breasts and yes, they do sometimes create questions, but mostly society just doesn't even know how to deal with it or recognize what it might mean.  So I skirt the edges of understanding in the vanilla world and make my way the best I can for now.


If you are dominant, respectful and know yourself, that should be enough to get us started.  If you are fixated on visual stimulation and badgering me to upload pics or send you a slew of pics, well then that tells me something about you. I'll send / upload pics when I feel the need and / or the comfort level with this site to do so.



Journal Entries:
8/1/2017 10:42:20 AM
   It never ceases to amaze me what people will put in their online profiles. This site is not as bad as some.  I have found phone numbers, addresses, first and last names (granted, these may be revenge / hate profiles) and the list goes on. Photos with car license tags showing, photos with bills laying exposed on the table, clothes strewn around the room in the background, trash the same way... 

   I sometimes don't understand people. You are trying to attract people or at least put your best foot forward. I guess maybe that is the best foot?  Scary.

Ok, going to check my pics to make sure none of the above applies!  >.<

7/17/2017 2:36:40 AM
I think maybe I should to move to Europe.

7/17/2017 2:33:37 AM
I ran across this profile and was touched by the insights and depth of character that this Domme showed through her post and profile.  I contacted her and asked to borrow parts to include in mine.  For the moment, I will include them here, but I am thinking that I may put them on the main portion as few tend to delve into journals (as far as I know).  So OneMoreAttempt  thank you for your profile and thank you for responding to my message. You are one of the good ones!  My words are in green for this post.


Types of Slaves: 

  • Punishment slave: The primary purpose of this type of slave is to endure punishment for the pleasure of the Owner. This type of slave is often times trained for other activities such as sexual pleasure for the Owner and so on. Yet it must not ever be forgotten that the primary purpose of such a slave is punishment.
  • Pleasure/passion slave: The primary purpose of such a slave is to give pleasure to the Owner. Most often this is in sexual form with the interesting observation that this form of slave has 1 major difference from a punishment slave: A punishment slave is never allowed orgasmic pleasure whereas a pleasure slave is to have orgasmic pleasure (ONLY) for the enjoyment of the Owner. Many people who claim they are sex slaves do not understand the total role of a pleasure slave but are simply slaves to their own desires to not have to do anything in life except be used for sex. A true pleasure slave, like a punishment slave, is a vitally alive and thinking person who knows their basic purpose it to bring pleasure to their Owner.
  • Labor slave: Such a slave exists to work. Punishment is only given when the slave fails. Pleasure is not part of the life of this type of slave. This slave exists to labor for the pleasure of the Owner (be it at home serving as domestic, away for financial sustenance or both).  

Also, she highly recommends reading this: Disregarding the pronouns, it gives a view of the type of relationship without the fantasy sugarcoat that seems so prevalent for many here.


Great stuff!!  Thank you for letting me borrow your words!

6/26/2017 9:14:42 AM
Oops, wait a second, tis time to breath again... 
It sounds funny, but that and standing are two things that I am reminded of several times a day. It's almost a game now that I am used to it. I try to anticipate standing time and stand before the reminder goes off.  Breathing on the other hand had become a favorite of mine, taking 1 minute to just stop, relax and breath slowly, no matter what I am doing is so very relaxing and just makes me feel good. 

So, now that I have forgotten about what this entry was going to be about, lol I will close with this. 

   Always take a moment here and there to just "be". Notice the things around you. "See" where you are and what you are surrounded by, feel the environment. 


3/29/2017 3:16:57 AM
   I just had a run in with one of those people that always think they are right, no matter what. It is frustrating to deal with them. There is always an excuse or explanation about why they are right. It is almost comical.  Now this was not in a BDSM sense at all, but in everyday vanilla life.  In scene, then yes of course we go along and those are the rules. But in everyday life, vanilla life, ugh.

   I have argued and tried to show these people my side of the story for years, always frustrated at my inability to reason with them.  This year, I am trying a new tactic. Breathing. When it occurs, I just breathe.  I let it wash over me and through me, not letting it stay and touch me. I let it go, calmly breathe and feel myself roll through it.  So far, it is working.  I am eager to see how long it lasts though. 


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