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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

WELCOME TO CLUBFEM LAS VEGAS also known as CFLV! ClubFEM™ is a social organization comp
Female Dominant, 40,  Las Vegas, Nevada US

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 Dominant Female

 Las Vegas 


 5' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Male

Femdom Couples


ClubFEM™ is a social organization composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female Dominant/male submissive relationships.

NOTE: The ClubFEM™ name and logo may not be used without explicit and expressed permission from ClubFEM™ International. Doing so without written permission is a violation of the Trademark.

Due to the Rash of Inquiries We Would Like to Make this Clear:  

ClubFEM is exclusively a Lifestyle FEMDOM/male submissive group. We are not here to find you a date, ClubFEM is not a dating service. We do not accept dominant men or submissive women as members.

ClubFEM Las Vegas is exclusive, and not open to the general public. All candidates are interviewed and vetted prior to walking through our doors.


 The Dominas are in charge of the activities at all times. ClubFEM™ Dominants are considerate and caring Women who want the D/s experience to be enjoyable for all participants.

Think of ClubFEM Las Vegas as a Country Club of the Female Led Relationship world.

You've heard people say "What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". At ClubFEM we say "What happens at ClubFEM stays at ClubFEM".

For more information you can inquire here or visit us on FetLife at our group there ClubFEM Las Vegas.  


Journal Entries:
9/23/2017 1:08:21 PM
The weather is cooling off but ClubFEM-Las Vegas is hotter than ever.  

We see you peeking.  Come out come out wherever you are and visit with us at our next Meet and Mingle. 

6/9/2017 10:54:56 AM
Summer is just around the corner.  Are you a looker?   Or are you a doer?  So may come, visit the website, as if a magical Mistress will pop out ad play with them.  

Your Mistress isn't here.  She's probably at ClubFEM-Las Vegas' Meet and Mingles or party. 

1/9/2017 5:02:28 PM
It's a new year?  Are you ready to meet your Mistress?  

10/26/2016 9:07:07 PM
We are heading into holiday season.  How many of you are still sitting there watching your computer screen and in the same relationship status as last year? 

What are you going to do about it?  Why not join a real time group, and meet real people? 

November 15th, join for our Meet and Mingle.  RSVP's will only get an invite on our FetLife Group. 

1/29/2016 8:47:11 PM
ClubFEM--Meet and Mingle----February 9th.  RSVP on FetLife.  

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