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Updated 09/12/2017 I am looking for a TPE permanent slave.   I am looking for servi
Male Dominant, 55,  Minot, North Dakota US

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 Dominant Male


 North Dakota

 5' 11"

 235 lbs





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Submissive Male

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Updated 09/12/2017

I am looking for a TPE permanent slave.   I am looking for service in four areas, sex, BDSM, companionship and tasks to make my life better.
If all you want is sex please move on.


Sexual service.  I like predominately oral though I do partake of anal.  I like being rimmed and receiving a massage.  I also like cuddling and making out sometimes.


BDSM service.  I like the impact toys canes, paddles, crops etc. CBT, TT, bondage, chastity and WS The list will expand I want to try electro, wax and sounds to name a few.


Companionship.  Accompany me to movies, dinner etc as well as be able to talk at home.


Slave tasks cleaning, laundry, help with my rental apartments as needed, errands, gardening and possible some cooking.


Everyone works together to accomplish the needs of the household and apartments.  You are responsible for maintaining the household but I don't mind occasionally lending a hand.  I don't mind domestic work as long as I am not doing it alone.


 I am looking for a masculine slave, height and race is unimportant.   Weight slender preferred normal ok or even overweight if you are willing to become height and weight proportional.


 I am 55, 6 foot and 235 pounds(one of your jobs will be to exercise with me) I have salt and pepper hair glasses and a mustache.  I am educated,   I like reading predominately mysteries though good history stuff can pique my interest.  I like to travel in the US.  There is so much of this country that is interesting I have not seen.  I like cooking.  I own a bulldog.  I dabble in real estate  I own 4 small apartment buildings.  I can use your help from time to time with the apartments.


Cameron is 5'9" 140 25 YO roommate Black hair, shaved smooth,  He is very shy, timid, and quiet.  Likes to cook, likes video games also likes gardening.  He is strictly a roommate we are not involved though we are close friends.  He has been my roommate for over 3 years and I have no plans on having him leave.


Being my slave is NOT  only about sex!!!  It is about service!!   It's about building a bond of trust.  I differ from other Masters as I do not believe that your being a slave makes you worthless.  I look to use you to the fullest extent without damage to you in both work and play.  I care about your well being both mental and physical. You are a valuable piece of property that is to be cared for.  That does not mean you wont experience pain and discomfort.  You will in BDSM play and sometimes in discipline


You will always know your place and show the respect of this relationship. In every aspect of our daily lives I will always tell you what to do, and when to do it.


Training and discipline will exist.  I use a combination of punishments including corporal punishment, loss of privileges, and rewards to shape your behavior.


As my Slave/companion:
 I expect and demand 100% devotion and honesty from you.
 In turn, I will give you the same respect.
I expect you to work hard and to be obedient


 As your MASTER:
 I will respect your limitations.
 I will never put your life or health in danger
 I will never cause permanent damage
 You will never be asked to do anything illegal
 You will never be asked to dress, act, or change into being a girl/woman.


I live in Minot ND.  Minot is a community of 50,000.  It is a great community to live.  The people are friendly.


My pic and Camerons Pic are available upon request.
In conclusion:
 The fact you've read this far suggest there may be some interest on your part. So why not contact me?  I would love to discuss how serving me can fulfill both our needs.

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10/6/2016 3:56:36 AM
Wish I had a penny for every scammer, fake, and flake I have met on here.  I would be rich.

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