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In my dark and twisted world, this is a vanilla world equivalent about loving someone and bein
Male Dominant, 49,  Columbus, Ohio US

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In my dark and twisted world, this is a vanilla world equivalent about loving someone and being in a meaningful, committed, long term relationship with them. I know I am not for the faint of heart, nor made for the vanilla world. I just need the one woman who gets all of this, who is wired this way too, to say yes. I am located in Columbus, OH in the United States.  I am looking for someone to relocate to me.  I have a house large enough to take in another.

I know my cold hearted German nature can come out in these posts. I assure you I am not a complete monster. I am looking for love, there will of course be affection, and I will always show you how much I appreciate you. I love to cuddle, hug and kiss. I have been told I have a great sense of humor, I just when to laugh and smile together, and I know when it is time for us to be serious.  There will be times when I talk with you, there will be times I talk to you, there will be times I talk at you. I am not looking for a doormat, your opinions and feelings are important to me, and I would always take those into account.  But a relationship is better and easier when one makes the ultimate decision and the other obeys. I also want to ensure there is no topping from the bottom. Some of this can come across I am looking for a prisoner. I still like to go out and do things with that someone special, but as I get older, I am becoming more of a homebody. I enjoy the idea of someone here with me to explore and grow closer together.  I can provide a healthy environment for your submission to grow naturally over time. While there is something to be said for you fearing me, I know the avenues listed here are the only way for your true submissive nature to come out and grow.


1950's, head of household, start out as Dominant/submissive, grow into Master/slave over time is what i am looking for. One on one as i do not share well with others when it comes to this. 24/7, TPE, real time, real life.


I have my life together, and can easily lead and guide another.  I am college educated, professionally employed full time, have a job and career I enjoy, and am financially secure. You will be controlled. If you need micro-managed until you learn how to do something to my liking, I will.  Also taught how to anticipate what I want, and trained how to serve and please me.


I am 49. Prefer someone younger but that is not set in stone. A woman of any age ready and willing to serve is what is important to me.


I am 6 ft, 180 lbs. I want someone who is shorter.

I am a non-smoker. If you smoke, you will quit. I also want to keep alcohol out of our lives. No drugs or 420. Ever.

I am bald. If that is not your thing there will be no hard feelings. Just do not waste my time.

I do not have any kids, nor looking to have any. I want to keep this between us and be able to concentrate on one another fully and exclusively. I am looking for someone with no kids or the kids are out of the house with a life of their own.

Politically I am more conservative, but in the end I believe in the best policy for the people and the best man for the job regardless of anything else.


I work M-F 8am to 6pm.  Your duties while I am at work would be domestic and taking care of the house.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  The house would be kept immaculate. You would prepare tasty meals for the both of us that are filling, healthy and nutritious.

I would prefer a stay at home partner, but if household finances dictate you work full or part time, you will. Anytime you go anywhere without me, you will send me a text when you arrive at your destination so I know you are safe.



I do not like to punish, and I would never set you up to fail with any task or order I give you.  My advice would be to always be a good girl and do as you are told.  If you do, there is no reason why we could not laugh, smile and enjoy life together.  I will punish if necessary and I am not above it.  It would be colorful and would get your attention. I have a very wicked imagination, do not test me.

Do not piss me off by doing something wrong on purpose just to earn a punishment.  If you want spanked, be honest with me. More than likely I am in a gaming mood for something like that and you would be told to get the paddle and present it to me.


If you are from another country, communicate with me in English. Be willing to learn if you do not know fully. I am not opposed to you teaching me another language for kicks and a bonding experience.


You would not be mindless.  You would read and keep up with current events.  I would expect you to be able to hold and share an intelligent and meaningful conversation with me and others. As my woman you are an extension of myself.


Attire.  When I am not home, pick something to wear that is comfortable and practical for your duties.  When we are going out in public together, wear an appropriate length dress or skirt.  This will help remind you of who wears the pants and is in charge.  When we are alone together, you will have on nothing but stockings with a garter belt.


You would always have your hair done nice, make up on, toe and finger nails painted, and smell good.  I like someone who is touchy/feely and also very feminine.  When we are sitting together or any other opportunity, if you can have your breasts brushing up against me, do it.  You can trim your hair to maintain a healthy look, but do not cut it.  I like long hair to grab a fistful of and lead you around by it.


When we are alone together, I enjoy sex.  Oral, regular and anal.  I am not a fan of condoms, keep that in mind for birth control. For playtime, expect lots of tight bondage for longs periods of time.  Tickling is my favorite thing to do.   Spanking, floggers, crops, whips, clamps, nipple/breast and pussy torture, obedience training, orgasm control, edgeing, humiliation, and enemas are all good too. Rope, velcro cuffs, handcuffs, spreader bar, blindfolds and ballgags for bondage. As we go along, there are deeper, darker things i want to explore.


I do not like the shaved look around your pussy, rather it shall be neatly trimmed.


Going out, I enjoy long walks holding hands.  Movies at the theater sharing a popcorn.  Once in awhile a sporting event - baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer.  Music, concerts, the symphony, ballet and broadway shows.

When I have earned the title, you will address me as Sir always. In public, that will be kept discreet but you would still do it. There will be other things in public to remind you of who you long belong to as well that only we will know about.


At home, blu ray movies snuggled close together on the couch under a blanket.  Sometimes you might be on your knees giving me blowjobs when a game is on.  Or tied up on the floor at my feet. I also have tv shows I follow. Reading - books and newspaper.


I have no criminal record, nor have I ever been in arrested or in jail.

Realistically, looking for you to relocate as soon as possible.  Give you time to get your affairs in order and pack what you need to.  If you can swing to just visit first for a few days to meet, see the house you will be taking care of, etc. that is a good idea.  Otherwise realize this will be a one way tip for you.  I will take very good care of you if you give yourself to me.

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