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Who Am I?   I am a man on a mission in life.  I love my career as a Software Engin
Male Dominant, 49,  New Orleans, Louisiana US

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Who Am I?


I am a man on a mission in life.  I love my career as a Software Engineer and a Data Architect.   I like to suck all the information and learning I can out of any situation.  I have a deep love for live music.  Jazz, Bluegrass, Grateful Dead, Phish, and anything playing on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans.  


Poker, sex, software engineering, music, conversation all have something in common. They are all activities where one can get intensely focused on a singular moment of transcendence. 



If you have made it to this far, let me potentially disqualify you for a number of reasons:


1.  I do believe my Dominance has nothing to do with the inferiority of woman as compared to men.   I want control because someone decided that giving that control to me is in their desires and best interest. 


2. I am more into the Ds dynamic than the B&D part.  Sure, I love giving a good spanking.  I have a wooden paddle that is shaped like a hand.  It is awesome.   However, all of that is fine as play.  What does it for me is to get into the mind of my slave and fuck her from the inside.


3.  I do think 24/7 is the best way to experience submission.  That being said, we first need to get to know each other.  You must act "as-if" you are owned from the start.  Even if you do not feel "owned" initially, you will get there if that is your desire.   If you do this, your mind will follow assuming that the trust and desire to submit is there.


4.  I am a protector at heart.  If you feel you are a piece of shit that needs to be punished for existing in the first place, you are not for me.  Part of what I love about a strong Ms relationship is my ability to foster personal growth in the people I am charged to lead.  


5.  I do not want to expose children to this lifestyle.   While I will never say never to a single mom.  It would have to be a special situation.  I like children a lot.  I also like enforced nudity.  The two do not mix.


6. Most importantly, you have to want to submit.  That submission must come from within yourself.  I cannot force it out of you.  I do not want to have a dynamic where you are a brat and looking to be the center of attention.  When I want alone time, you will be unobtrusive.  When I want you around you will be there by my side or on the floor under the table where I work.  Often you will sleep with me, but I may send you to your own room as well.


7.  Mental Illness -  Many submissive in the lifestyle suffer from mental illness and I can understand and be helpful.  I cannot deal with chronic depression or anxiety.   Those maladies do not wear well with me.  Mostly, because for me both conditions are contagious.


8.  Brains - I am attracted to really smart people.  Does not mean you need to be a genius.  It means you must be able to keep up with me in conversation.  I love debating and interacting on issues that our current in our society.  If you are actually really smart and want to be treated like a mindless fuck toy we are very compatible. 


I do not like to flirt endlessly over email.  I have never stalked anyone in my life and am a very trustworthy person.  Be ready to talk on the phone or video if you are interested. I am not going to waste your time, so please do not waste mine.


If you are still with me, please write back and make me believe you read my post.  I am attractive and a little overweight.  The picture is a recent one of myself.  I am 49, but I look very much like I am not yet 40.  


Age is not of great importance to me, however, if you are young and looking for a lifetime together know I will never have your children.  I really like the idea of being a Daddy Dom as I am inherently both protecting and nurturing.  That being said, I really believe that obedience is the fundamental quality in a partner that I crave.


All of my pictures are of me very recently from 6-18 months old.  They reflect differing parts of my persona, I want you to have a complete picture of who I am.








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