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Male Dominant, 62,  North Dakota US

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 Dominant Male

 North Dakota

 5' 10"

 210 lbs





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Submissive Female

                                                     BLACK ARTS


It is my opinion 99 % of all the slave profiles here are fake.  I can check you to find if you real.


So, I am looking for an intelligent slave with common sense and one that actually knows how to listen. NOT interested in any males.  Prefer petite size but can reduce your weight if needed. Long term required...actual signing of contract which will cover all aspects of responsibility by both parties.  Conversation required for selection process.  50s situation preferred. I have done some hypnosis stage shows in the past so hypnosis sessions involved.  Dr Jekyll is detail oriented and harsh but Mr Hyde is easy going.  Each personality is different and depends on slaves personality which reflects interaction but basic life rules that will always take priority.  I do financial seminars over various states and slave travels with me. 


Fakes are many on this site.  I am NOT looking to interact with those.  Again, females only.  No males.  No drug use or alcohol or smoking.   So with no fakes, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking,  that leaves very few actual individuals for me to connect with on this site.  99%  are all fake.  But every so often I see a real slave show up.  It is rare.


Also involved with the magic of the universe.  


Dr. Jekyll

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