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I am Cruel4247 but that name was not availableSadistic bastard that gets pleasure without sex
Male Dominant, 60,  Aiken, South Carolina US

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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 39, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 145 lbs.
Location: uk, Canada
Last on 7/20/16 at 12:35 AM
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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 24, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 114 lbs.
Location: Pune, India
Last on 10/22/17 at 11:51 AM
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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 29, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 135 lbs.
Location: manhattan, New York
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 Dominant Male


 South Carolina

 5' 9"

 165 lbs




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Submissive Female

Online Romance

A Poly Household

I am Cruel4247 but that name was not available

Sadistic bastard that gets pleasure without sex from making his toy cry and beg for mercy.

The longer we are together the more we will feel for each other.  Let me help you disappear from society and invoke the Stockholm Syndrome in you.


I do not DRINK or SMOKE

I am real and have references

I don't care if you are married, attached or just single looking.

I will not destroy your marriage, but will make it much more interesting.

I currently have a decent job doing technical support repairing computer controlled

equipment in retail locations and factories.  I travel in the Carolina's and North Georgia

I am cruel, sadistic and caring.  My property, like a motorcycle or car, will be taken care of and tuned for high performance...weg
1.Home attire will be thigh high stockings and high heels(5 inch or higher)
2.Public attire will be thigh high stockings, high heels, skirt not below top of knee and top that shows cleavage
3.When we are in bed, you cannot get into or out of bed for any reason without sucking my cock to erection.
4.When I arrive home from work, you will kneel and suck my cock to erection and then I will decide which opening my cock will be used in
5.Slave is not allowed an orgasm without my permission
6.Rule #1 - Be Pleasing

There is more to life than kinky sex. 


Like the American Indians I do not believe in waste, if you cannot use all of it, then that is waste.  Mother Earth is precious and we need to respect her and take care of her.


Piercings are required, but they do take time to heal.  Nipple piercings take the longest to heal.  I have seen nipple piercings take a full year to completely heal and you still get the little crusty so maintenance of all piercings is a high priority to maintain your health and my use of your body.  Listed below are the piercings I require
1.Nose ring that is large enough to touch top of upper lip.  This piercing can be used to attach a leash to or to attach to a hook in the wall or on a post to keep you where I want you
2.2 nipple piercings.  One at the base of the nipple that is horizontal and one halfway to the tip of your nipple that is vertical.  These can also be used for stretching nipples to make them longer.
3.Clit hood(unless clit hood has been removed)
4.4 rings in each cunt lip.  This is so that cunt lips can be joined together to stop use of cunt.  This can also be used for stretching cunt lips to make them longer.  Imagine 4 inch long cunt lips.
5.In hand between thumb and pointer finger
6.2 clit piercings.  Just like with nipple piercings one at base and another halfway to tip.  Just like with nipples can be used for stretching the clit.


I am a Sadistic Controlling Master that is very technical and can make or fix almost anything. 


I am married. My wife is my sub and she is alpha to anyone I choose to add.


All things are negotiable until we agree for you to be mine. I will honor all limits and negotiated items.


If you have read this far, and I hope you have make the subject in your email Bored


Journal Entries:
11/13/2017 11:47:45 PM
No longer searching

i have been diagnosed with Bronciolitis. 

Good of luck to everyone

10/17/2017 12:54:55 PM
All Male Subs/slaves

if you are interested in being of service to me, used by me or owned by me. You must be sissified, clean shaven, long hair on head(no wigs), and able to walk in 5-6 inch stiletto heels. 

10/8/2017 8:20:03 PM
Happy Friday the 13th

5/1/2017 1:47:52 PM



A real whore is a woman who is the private whore of her man. A whore who let herself be paid to be used is a fake whore. The real whores are the ones that turn from decent wife in a real whore in the masters bedroom…..

1. ‘Offer yourself’

Take off your clothes and get on all fours and spread your legs and open your cunt and groan softly to seduce me to use you if I say these words….It’s not important if you are horny. I just want to use you to fill you with my cum. 

2. Don’t spoil my cum

Lick my cock clean when I am finished with you….also the drops on the floor, lick it al up whore, till the last drop, show the proper respect and thank me for my cum. My cum is your reward.

3. Being shared

Be as eager as you are when I use you, seduce the men with your body and whorish attitude. I want to see that they long for you, that they want to possess you, so make me proud that I am the one that own you and earn their cum. Being shared is a privilege so show me that you are whorish enough to be shared.

4. Seduce us

Wear sexy and elegant dresses and tight shirts, show your femininity.Feel yourself a prey, try to seduce us. Show everybody that you want the attention of as many men as possible.

5. Be focused

It’s not about you, it’s about me. You are just my cunt, fuckmeat, tits that I own. Learn to focus on my needs, live for me. Take care that I always think about you, want you, fantasize about you. Be my private whore. The moment I don’t fantasize about you anymore I will exchange you for another whore, remember that…..understand your essence and purpose…

6. Think with your cunt

Your cunt is your essence, I haven’t chosen you for your brains, but for your body, your tits, your femininity. So let yourself be led by your cunt, your longings, your fantasies and be the whore I want you to be.

7. Take care of your body

Take care that your body is in good condition. Shave your cunt, paint your nails, make yourself beautiful. I will inspect your cunt regularly. Your body is my temple of love.

8. Earn my cum

Wake me up with licks on my cock and beg for my cum. And when we are going to sleep do the same. All your days will start and end with my cum in your mouth, so that you remember your place and purpose.

9. Ask for permission and play with yourself

Always ask for permission if you want to play with yourself. I want you to masturbate as often as possible. Fantasy about other men, also men you know in real life, fantasy about gang bangs, about being raped, being a whore and so on. You are allowed to fantasy what you want, as long as it is whorish and slutty. 

10. Tell me all your fantasy’s and longings

Tell them all, the dirtier the better, in this way you make yourself vulnerable. That’s how I want you. Also tell me when you fantasy about other men we know, what you want them to do with you, how much you would like to be used by them and so on. I want you to be whorish and slutty.

5/1/2017 12:22:58 PM
Has anyone else noticed how many young girls(under 30) that want to just stay home and take care of the house and be a slave?  Wonder if they just do not want to work fir a living?

I will pay for school to help my slave get training to help support us.  But will still own and control her.

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