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I'm a younger guy who likes crossdressing looking for an older daddy to help me take things fu
Trans Submissive, 29,  Duluth, Minnesota US

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I'm a younger guy who likes crossdressing looking for an older daddy to help me take things further.


Edit: Since coming here, I've learned I'm looking for more of a daddy dom. I also have a bit of a dom side myself I'd be open to exploring with the right woman, so I'm open to interest from a sub. I'm very fluid and open to many situations. I enjoy receiving messages so feel free to write to me. I usually don't send the first one.


I've never been with a guy before, and I really want to try, but I'm going to be kind of picky. I really want to be the kept plaything of a generous daddy. If you're not somewhat local, somewhere like California or NYC might be good, both because I'd like to visit and because the high cost of living would make it less of a burden to bring me out/visit me, and give me an allowance ;p I want to find one guy I can trust for an ongoing thing though, someone I can try pretty much everything with. Maybe a daddy looking to make me into his fantasy girl... Dress me up in your favorite lingerie/outfits, in your favorite hair color/style, makeup how you like it, etc. Then train me to please you exactly how you want... I'm a quick and eager learner ;)

I'm naturally submissive and very much a pleaser, so I'd love a more dominant man, but you still need to be kind and respectful - I'm not looking to actually be abused. Controlling is good, cruel isn't.

I'm not concerned about age or looks or anything... I actually think contrasts like young/old, hairy/smooth, skinny/chubby are really hot, but personality and attitude are way more important. One requirement I have though is that you're willing to get tested for HIV and STDs. I really want to experience having cum shot deep inside me and leaking out after being well-fucked, and swallowing it, and basically being able to do anything we want without worrying about disease. There's no way I'll do it without being 100% sure you're clean though. I was tested clean after my last girlfriend, but will do it again if necessary. I want us to be safe and comfortable.

I'm very slim and fit and my body looks amazing in lingerie (and I'm only slightly conceited, hehe). I'm still figuring out makeup to be truly passable, but I'm willing to go to a professional for the right guy. I'm not sure I'll want to go out while dressing, but it's not completely off the table down the line. I'd rather stay in and have some fun instead anyway ;) I'd love someone in the midwest so it'd be easier to meet, but if you're determined to make it happen, I'm willing to do some serious travel. Plus we can have some online fun between playtimes ;) I am back in school right now, so as hot as it would be to relocate for my daddy and always be available for his pleasure, that's at least a year or two from even being possible. I want to get a little experience before I consider anything like that anyway. I have a high sex-drive, always up for playing. I'm very open-minded and love trying new things, so bring out any of your fantasies and ideas. Taboo stuff is a big turn on, hehe, so don't hold back ;) I'd love to learn how to deep throat, be fucked in every position you can think of, you can put me in chastity to keep me especially horny for you, dress me up in a French maid outfit to cook or clean for you, get all kinds of toys to use on me, whatever roleplay you want (dad/daughter or dad/son forced to dress up would be hot), bondage once I'm comfortable with you, maybe even make a video or do a cam show someday. And that's just the tip of the iceberg ;-) But most of all I want you to fill me with and cover me in your cum like a good little sissy slut.

Message me if you're interested. You can also mail me using SatinSasha at g mail.

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