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The Wresting   He called….His voice, like music to her ears, sending slight tingles through
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The Wresting


He called….His voice, like music to her ears, sending slight tingles through her, said one word:  “Prepare”.

He came on through the door.  The sound of His footsteps sure and measured, were echoing against the walls from contacting the wood flooring.  He looked around inspecting the room, a smile coming from His lips as he spotted the glass of red wine sitting at the corner of the counter that was waiting for Him.

He picked up the glass, swirling the liquid around, waking the aromas.  He brought it to His nose to sniff it.  Then brought the glass to His lips to take a drink, and the warmth filled His body.  He then walked over to the stove and lifted the lid of the large pot that had the night’s meal simmering and inhaled its aromas.

“Such a good girl I have.  We shall see what the rest holds.” He thought to Himself.

With glass in hand, He entered the bedroom and there she was.  He stood there for just a moment taking in the sight of her.  Again, a slight grin crossing His face.  she knelt there, head up, eyes straight ahead, not moving.  Legs slightly apart so that her naked body was dropped down slightly to allow the large vibrator to penetrate her neatly shaved pussy.  A chain dangled from her lips with butterfly clamps hanging from the ends, waiting to be attached to her erect nipples.  her hair was neatly brushed and then pulled back in a ponytail hanging down.

He put the glass down for a moment to look at her, admiring how beautiful she was.  As He attached each clamp to a nipple, there was a slight inhale then exhale as she absorbed the shock of the pain hitting her; but her body remained still.  A smile crossed His lips again, showing just how proud He was of this girl.  He walked around her, like a Cat inspecting its prey, eyes slightly narrowed, waiting for any sign of movement, but there was none.  Once in front of her again, He took the chain from out of her lips, watching her intently, allowing a release of the pressure from the nipples being pulled slightly upwards. 

Pleasure and pain were coursing through her body.  The sharp pain from the clamps was replaced with a dull ache.   The ache was coursing through in her legs and knees from kneeling so deeply.  Her pussy throbbing slightly from the pulsations of the vibrator as it was deep inside her, wetness emanating from the inside, coming down.  Her breath slow and even, with her mind trying to keep focused.   she was ready now.

He took up His glass and took a drink and started to question her about the entire day.  He asked her about what she did, how she felt, what was running through her mind as she was going through her daily goings-on.  He questioned her about the people she had come across while she was outside the walls of the home T/they had built together.  He asked her about how lucky she was to not be like some of the people on the street, lost, without a purpose in life. 

The answers came at first very quickly.  But soon they were coming slower, less coherent.  her body and mind not being able to work together.  Each time the answer did not come with enough focus, He would pulled on the chain, the sharpness of the pain waking her mind, bringing her back from the fog.  The vibrator was also doing its job in keeping the pleasure coming as well, slightly adding to the confusion.  He could see in her eyes just how much she wanted to please Him.  He could see her body starting to waiver a bit.


 The pleasure was now starting to take over even as the words flowed from her lips.  Time and again, she asked if she could cum.  He looked her dead in the eye and shook His head saying no.  The glass of wine was not empty yet.

He asked one last question and her mind started to reel.  The pleasure and pain were almost too much.  Her pussy was quivering.  her eyes were glazed over.  her body was aching for the release.  Satisfied that her mind had been completely emptied of all outside influence and she was all the more ready to completely focus on Him, He took the last sip from the glass and looked at her. 

He uttered one word while releasing the clamps from her nipples…..”CUM!!”

With that one word ringing in her ears, she came.  A scream emanated from her lips.  Her body shook, wracked with the shock from the blood flowing back to her nipples, wracked with the pleasure coursing through her pussy and her body, bodily fluids running down from between her legs, she came over and over again. 

she  slumped over and she dropped to the floor.  Her body was still shaking from the whole thing.  The large vibrator, still buzzing, slipped from between her pussy lips.  He came over, with a glass of water and a soft, cool towel.  He dropped and sat on the floor taking her quivering form and wrapped His long, loving arms around her.  He handed her the glass of water and let her drink.  The whole time He told her about how proud He was to have her serve Him and this house, whispering the words into her ears, and slowly rocking her.  He looked into her eyes wiping he sweat off of her forehead and kissed her there, smiling the whole time.

she looked up to Him, a weak smile coming across her lips.  she drank the water slowly, allowing its coolness to flow across her slightly dry lips, and sore throat.  The words of praise running through her ears were giving her the strength she needed to recover.  she felt safe and loved in His loving embrace.   her mind now clear and free of all outside influences, she was ready to serve Him completely…………His always.

Are you her? Are you out there? Can you be her? Is this what you hope, wish, and dream to be her? If so, show Me. I do not need pictures. What I need is for you to show Me you by drawing Me a picture of you, using your imagination. If you can do that, then we'll talk.

What you have read is no fantasy. I have tasted this before, and wish to once again.

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