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Hello. Thank you to look at my profile. I am not new into this lifestyle and I have a lot
Male Submissive, 40,  Washington D.C. US

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StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 26, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 165 lbs.
Location: Georgia
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Thank you to look at my profile.

I am not new into this lifestyle and I have a lot of experience into D/s....
I know very well both rules and this give me a very good understanding of a mental play.
I found myself in the last few years to be more on a submissive side.

I adore woman and I love to worship them .
I like to surrender and be grateful to be at their feet and mercy.
I love role play and humiliation.

I am a great cook and i will be honor to serve my Goddess and our friends.
I can take care of the beauty of my Goddess hair, pedicure and body massage.

I have not put any facial pics for discretion but I would be more than happy to share them.
I started to write a journal about my servitude to my past Goddess. Please take to read it and i would love to hear Your comments.
I hope to be able to serve soon.


Your bitch.

Journal Entries:
6/10/2016 9:49:45 AM
The guest is at the door and Goddess send me with my pink panty to open the door and she sat on the sofa crossing Her beautiful long legs. The guest enter and look at me with a very evil laugh making fun of me to be nude like a worm with my stupid pink panty. The stallion was much taller than me and with a strong athletic body. If I would not have been my Goddess 's bitch I would have take that smile out of His damn face but my Goddess turn me into a pathetic loser and I had to obey and please Her. He walked in front of me and smack my face..... And walk in the direction of my Goddess. She stand up and She was very please to see the hot stallion that I chose for Her. She greet him with a big open mouth kiss to his mouth and felt his chest. I was standing behind like a useless imbecile. That was the first time I saw my Goddess with another man. A sense of jealousy was burning my stomach and a big sadness feeling invade me.. She invite Her guest to sit down on the sofa and snap Her fingers at me to serve some of my wine to the guy who will make Love to my Goddess in my place and eventually in my bed with my condoms. I came back with 2 glasses of red wine and tell me to kneel next to them . She ask me to have a good look at him during she touching him. They cheer up and kiss more.... I could see that my Goddess was so much into him. She did need some distraction so she send me to go to the bedroom to pick up a butt plugs. She asked me to filled up Their glass so they can watch me bend over in front of them and fuck my own ass with the butt plug. When I start to introduce the toy inside of me they were laughing so hard how a pathetic bitch I became. And he suggest to my Goddess that from now own I should be a cocksucker .... She find that amusing and She said from now on I will be turn into that. After I finally succeed to put the big plug inside of my ass Goddess asked me to turn around and to crawl to them. I crawled and get next to them Goddess pull my hair and slap me ...Goddess order me to open his belt and to unzip him so She can see how big Her lover is....I execute what Goddess asked me to do and a huge cock came out of his pant and a big wouah of admiration came out of the beautiful mouth of my Goddess. She pulled my hair near his big dick and told me that She does not suck dick and I have to please Her lover and start to be a cocksucker. She was pulling on my hair very hard until I open my mouth and start to suck his dick.... That was the first time I felt a cock in my mouth and I can't describe the feel of it. When I was giving oral sex to My Goddess I was so hard and having his cuck in my mouth my dick went so down ... She was still holding my hair and give me some encouragement to do a good job ... The stallion was moaning and tell my Goddess that I was doing a fine job. She pulled my hair back and told me that was enough ... And spit on my face telling that I wasn't the man anymore that she felt in love with and I am such a faggot..... Goddess brought Her guest to my bed and asked me to give the condoms to Her lover and watch them have sex. The stallion start to fuck my Goddess in different position .... And She was taking so much pleasure .... After She got Her orgasm She pulled Her lover out and asked me to lick and taste Her pussy and to swallow all Her cum. I could taste the cum Mixte with the condoms. The stallion got so mad because he was close to cum and Goddess pull him out.... He throw the used condom on my face and dress up to leave. When the stallion slammed the door .... Goddess start to have a huge laugh and push my head deeper between Her legs. I knew that Goddess spend a great moment and did not care about Her lover no more. She asked me to throw away the condoms and come back to give Her a massage until she fall asleep.

5/27/2016 2:48:07 AM
Goddess make me set a time for the stallion to come over my place. Goddess told me 9 pm will be great and She would arrive 30 minutes earlier to see if I would set up a nice romantic environment for Her to have a wonderful date. I set up the apartment and clean it. Put candles everywhere to make a very cozy feel and had some lavender and rose incest in every room. Goddess arrive and open the door. I was at Her request naked on my four and looking down on the floor. She put Her feet at my head and ask me to greet Her by kissing Her feet. I just notice that She bought a new beautiful open toes stilettos for Her date. She put me my collar and pink handcuffs. And start to spank my ass red. She pulled me up by my hair to kneel up and slap my face to thank me to have done a wonderful job for her date. And because of this , She bought a nice gift.. She handle me my present and it was a Victoria Secret package. I opened it and I find a pink panty..... I was so surprised because Goddess always loved my alpha behavior and my manly sexy behavior in our relationship..... Goddess told me that I will have to wear tonight because She doesn't have any use of me like a hot stallion with a big cock is coming to satisfy Her. Goddess ask me to put it on and wants me to turn around and walk.... Goddess start to have a very beautiful deep laugh and making comments how bad I look with that panties on. What happened to me I look like a little faggot , a little bitch and She will never know if She will ever used me to have sex with even if she did enjoyed my endowment for very long time. The time past and we have 10 minutes before Goddess guest arrive. She call me to kneel by the sofa and I need to lick Her pussy to make Her ready for Her night with a hot man. Goddess tested so good and She was extremely wet. I was very happy to feel and taste Her sweetness ..she smell so nice and fresh but I knew that wasn't for me ...... 9 pm arrive ........

5/23/2016 1:54:38 AM
Goddess asked me to put an ad on Craigslist and to look for a hot stallion with big cuck for Her amusement. Because from now on Goddess could have any man She wants and have no more say about it. To obey and please my Goddess i went trough an heavy search to find the stallion that she wanted to have the night with. After showing multiple potential She finally selected one. i could see the excitement and the joy in Her face. Finally She knows that She got control of me .... Like She told me to have some hot guys that will come in my place , drink your wine , eat your food , use your condoms to fuck the woman that i love in your own bed. And i will be grateful and thanks the stallion because i am nothing more than Her bitch to use and humiliate. ...

5/17/2016 9:18:26 AM
She pulled me up and inspected me , Goddess was delighted to see that I had a hard on and that i was very excited to surround myself , with Her hand she started to squeeze my balls to make me feels that she own me by it. I could feel the pressure and Her nails getting slightly into my sack. She sat in the sofa and I refilled Her glass of wine. I kneeled at Her feet and She asked me to sensually to suck on Her precious toes and smell Her feet with deep breathe like she wore Her stilettos all day. When Goddess relax by the touch of my lips she asked to massage Her feet and long legs. After a long massage She decide it was time for me to taste the best Of Her. She ask me to crawl on my 4 and follow Her to the bathroom. She asked me to kneel inside of the bath tube and to open my mouth and drink all Her nectar. She was dripping little by little because She did not want me to waste a drop. I pleased Her request and we did properly and swallow every drop of Her gold Champagne. She took me to the bedroom and ask to lick Her sexy pussy for a long time. Goddess got couple orgasmed and told me that was time to sleep. She tied my handcuff to the bed so I could not touch Her or myself and She started to tease and I was so hard but I could not do anything about. It was making me crazy and she won my total obedience and devotion.

5/16/2016 4:19:45 AM
Goddess called me to tell me that She will coming over my place this evening and i should be ready to greet Her as Her request. i have to be naked on my four and bowing down like i can't look at Her beauty and to have my place filled with candles and incense and of course have Her favorite wine pour before she entered next to my collar and pink handcuffs. Goddess enter the room and approach me and put Her beautiful dress with high heels stiletto to kiss Them to greet Her. i put my lips and kiss Her divine feet. She sip on the wine and She congrats me that i did listen Her request and tonight She will be very kind with me. She put the collar on me with the pink handcuffs pull me up and slap my face and ask me if i am ready to start our new journey to become Her bitch boy. Of course kneeling naked in front of so much beauty i could not resist to give up all control to my Gorgeous Goddess.........

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