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Note: If you are looking for someone to have children with or engage in a breeding fetish with
Female Slave, 26,  Fort Smith, Arkansas US

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 Female Slave

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Note: If you are looking for someone to have children with or engage in a breeding fetish with, best move on. I have zero interest in procreating.

Note: I'm fully aware I'm fat. You don't need to point it out. But hey, I've lost 40lbs. What have you done today besides body shame strangers on the internet?

Let's see here. My name is Simina. I'm a writer, a belly dancer, a gamer, an artist, and an avid kinkster. I love to nerd out over whatever strikes my fancy, be it dance, language, pop culture geekery, or just kink itself. I also have the most adorable cat ever and like to decorate bitchin cakes.

I'm fascinated by BDSM, power exchange, and all the different facets and subcultures that go with it. So, I started a blog two years ago where I could wax rhetoric about whatever kink topic I like.

I identify with a number of labels:



My primary labels are pet and slave, but those are my identifications within relationships. I do not see them as social statuses, so don't expect any special treatment from me if you're a d-type, unless I belong to you. You're people. I'm people. We can be people together.

I am an active member of my local kink scene, acting as a service top for the ladies. I also occasionally teach some forms of impact and sensation play if asked.

I'm especially interested in forms of slavery. I love reading about them and discussing them. I've lately realized a distinct interest in Odalisquian slavery and a bit of 1950s Household. I'm always open to a good nerdy discussion.

Journal Entries:
3/13/2017 3:09:00 AM


  • Male
  • Ages 28-45
  • Monogamous
  • Christian (denomination is irrelevant. I consider myself non-denominational)
  • Close enough to meet regularly
  • Exclusively dominant
  • Straight
  • Likes cats (I have two cats)
  • Must like to read
  • Has a job and transportation

Traits I like:

  • Tall
  • Average to muscular physique
  • I really like beards
  • Dark hair
  • Confident
  • Affectionate
  • Primal
  • Non-smoker

I'm looking for a dominant, monogamous man who is interested in eventually entering into a low-protocol M/s dynamic. I consider myself a primal prey type, so high protocol makes my teeth itch. I like men who are very masculine and feel both possessive and protective of their woman. I'm looking to find a lifetime owner who is open to marriage if we get to that point. If you're interested in my views on power exchange or BDSM in general, you can find a lot of things on my blog, or just ask.

I like intellectual men as well as athletic men. I'm a nerd and a geek, I'd prefer my partner to be these things also. I like punishment dynamics to be a part of my PE, so you need to be open to that as well. I am not really interested in giving birth personally, so I am open to single dads. I think otherwise, I would want to adopt if we at some point decided we wanted kids.

I have more recently come to grips with the idea that I am a little and I really enjoy the daddy dom relationship. I'm not regressive and not really all that into age play, but the little aspect is part of my personality, so I'd like a master who is also a daddy.

About me:

Hard Limits (subject to edits as it's been a while since I thought about this):

  • Non-monogamy (includes threesomes/group sex, but not non-sexual kink play)
  • Needles/piercings (receiving)
  • Scat/piss/vomit/blood (includes anything to do with diapers)
  • Cutting
  • Punching/Kicking
  • Cutting my hair short
  • Silent treatment/ignoring
  • Public Humiliation
  • Public Sex
  • Vegetarianism/Veganism
  • Drugs
  • Fisting
  • ABDL

If you have questions about any of these, feel free to inquire.

Major kinks:

  • Spanking
  • M/s
  • bondage (I like chains and leather cuffs)
  • sensory deprivation
  • rape play/CNC
  • floggers
  • knife play
  • Straps
  • Sensation Play
  • Breath play
  • captive role play
  • lady bit spanking/flogging
  • wrestling
  • biting

Vanilla interests:

  • Belly Dance
  • Video Games (I only really own Nintendo systems, but I like others)
  • Books (I have a formidable library)
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Crafting
  • Theater/Musical Theater
  • Renaissance Fairs
  • Homesteading
  • Blogging
  • Movies: Historical, Fantasy, Some Sci-fi, Animated, Paranormal Horror
  • Music: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Older country, Motown, Rat Pack, Egyptian (Baladi, Shaabi, Classical), Middle Eastern music in general, Latin pop, R&B, some rap.
  • Food: Italian, Tex-Mex, American. I make a lot of Italian or Italian inspired food. My favorite dish is chicken alfredo.

So, about me. I am a 5'0', currently ~200lbs, s-type with small boobs and a big ass. XD My primary BDSM label is pet, but for me, this is a type of slave. Yes, I do list limits above, which are things I either can't do psychologically, physically, or am morally against practicing myself. If you have a problem with me having those limits as a slave, then we are obviously not compatible. I am extremely submissive to the man I belong to, but I'm also sarcastic and playful, so if you enjoy a bit of playful bratting, then more's the better.

I have two college degrees. I have a BFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English. I do not currently work in my field. My ultimate goal is to be a housewife/slave eventually while also being a writer. I have an interest in homesteading practices, and would eventually like to have a small veggie/herb garden and maybe some backyard chickens. I'm doing my first foray into gardening this summer with a small crop of potatoes in containers.

I'm currently about ~200 lbs, and I assume a size 18. I've recently lost about 40lbs. I'm still in the process of losing weight and trying to improve my health and fitness levels. My goal weight at this point is 160. I try to mostly buy organic food, and I enjoy figuring out how to make comfort food healthier and am trying to broaden my dietary horizons.

In interest of being up front, I do have OCD. Not the germophobe kind. My primary obsession is wrapped around a social phobia. I've improved a lot over the years, and I am medicated, but that is something you should be aware of.

I know this is a bit long, but I hate those one-liner ads that tell you nothing about the person. So hopefully you made it through. Send me a message if you see something you like!

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