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NO I am not a cute beagle puppy, and I will happily give pictures to anyone that asks. BDSM l
Male Dominant, 37,  Arizona US

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NO I am not a cute beagle puppy, and I will happily give pictures to anyone that asks.

BDSM like every other relationship in that it is about two things TRUST and RESPECT, it doesn’t matter who holds the whip or who is on their knees.


Without those two things you are either

A) An abusive asshole that uses BDSM to use and abuse another person
B) Someone that is too scared or weak to stand up to another person and tell them what they need in order to be happy.


That all said, I want to be with someone that knows exactly who they are and what they want and when all is said and done they know they are happiest on their knees serving me.


I want a sub that is happy with who they are and what they have in live and yet are willing to carve out a piece for me and our family.


I am on here because I am happy with who I am and what I have accomplished and what I want now is someone is wants to join me and together we can push each other to be the absolute best we can be.


I expect you to push me to be the best Dom I can be, just like I expect you to be the best sub you can be.


I do not want 24/7 control what we have in the terms of BDSM will be carried on behind closed doors and to all of our friends and family we will be that perfect couple.

I want to be proud to introduce you to my friends and family and I will be that exact same person for you.


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9/17/2017 3:55:04 AM

Long story short I was working out this morning and i got into an argument with a personal trainer at my gym because he feels it is OK for him to move peoples equipment and claim entire sections of a small gym for his use when he is with a client.

and the argument continued and I pointed out all the ways he has been rude over the last few months he told me very matter of factually that " I am not a rude person" and it was at that point I realized nothing was to be gained from talking with him any longer.

My question is has that statement ever worked for anyone ever in the history of an argument ? I really can't see how it has or ever will and just find it laughable that people still use it in an attempt to be right, it has become one of those phrases that when I hear it I realize the person I am talking with is unreasonable and there is no point in trying to get them to understand where I am coming from.

8/11/2017 4:19:44 PM

Whatever happened to mourning?  Why is it that when tragedy happens it has to instantly become a blame game and a question of whose political ideology is at fault?  When people die for any reason we use to be able to come together as a community and allow for a time of healing and remembrance instead now all we get is finger pointing and yelling and really for what? So that you can be right on the internet ? so that you can  look at your profile and admire all the likes ?  Are their lessons to be learned after any tragic event ? Of course. Have any of them ever been learned from twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform ?  probably not.   So maybe instead of using tragedy as a way to promote yourself  or your agenda you can use it to feel empathy and compassion for the people around you and try to really understand what has happened. I know it is a lot scarier to feel and admit to being sad or hurt compared to showing that you are angry and all knowing. But trust me if you can be brave and put yourself out there and not lead with your beliefs but instead lead with your heart you may find a chance to grow and heal together with the people around you instead of settling for the superficial warmth of winning an argument with a stranger on the internet. 

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