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    I have a lot I would like to tell about enema experiences, and yes even fantas
Male Submissive, 64,  Rutland, VT area, Vermont US

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Age: 33, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 230 lbs.
Location: Hinesburg, Vermont
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I have a lot I would like to tell about enema experiences, and yes even fantasies, in my profile.  So many memories from over the years --- childhood, teens, college and beyond.  I'll get back to working on it one of these days as soon as I can.  But, for now let me just say that I would very much like to meet a knowledgeable, or simply an interested woman, who would like to explore all that the world of enemas offers.


I often look forward to also being punished with long slow spankings.  Not whippings or beatings, just moderate spankings by hand, with a paddle, or perhaps with a leather strap.  Or providing this discipline to a needy partner.


I am not interested in having sex, but do look forward to feeling the embarrassment and humiliation that would certainly come with being required to masturbate in full view at the end of a session.  I have often wondered what it would feel like having someone else there to just watching, or to help if you liked, and certainly to increase the effectiveness of any punishments you felt I needed to have.

I know so well what it feels like to be given a long slow enema; experience which helps so much in administering one to a partner or friend.

More to follow if anyone is interested..........drop me a note.



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