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Rather than journal, here is our philosophy on this: we see many sub/slave fantasies here and
Dom/Sub Couple, 55/39,  Las Vegas (LA) , Nevada US

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 Dom/Sub Couple

 Las Vegas (LA)  




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 6' 1"

 195 lbs



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Submissive Female

A Poly Household

Rather than journal, here is our philosophy on this: we see many sub/slave fantasies here and offer to turn them into realities. We, yes 'we' also offer what will be a great household where you enjoy all of life and the kinky, sexual, fetish pleasures among them, BDSM. Yes this profile is a 'we' where there is a future dominant man to come.

(Note: We may consider one select, very special male slave and only of they wish true ownership)

Otherwise some of of the above fantasies involve not only more than one person (women) but also the fantasy turned into the reality of being in a real D/s and M/s household. Yes, that includes a real relationship too.

Just be as real as we are and you'll enjoy a very good possibility of having and enjoying it all and yes, a very good relationship with us. If you do, you so do only with a sincere desire to serve, please. 

Some very much desire the life enjoying body mods and along with the desire to be the bimbo and arm candy for your master and mistress. So we include pics reflecting a couple of them.

(the primary pic is a former play partner, the other is the best conversion into bimbofication we've seen so far)


For some of you who show us that they are real, this could be your dream come true, live the good life, enjoy all of the above pleasures and have most or all of your life's affairs handled for you. So all you do is come and enjoy.

Journal Entries:
4/2/2017 3:24:21 AM
3rd Update: the domme-to-be is for this profile who is a legitimate full time waitress/escort, is now planning on coming in May.

Mistress will consider one very special male slave and taking the position of a domme/mistress in our household.

Mistress will be served by my 3rd and last poly, even more pleasurable and beautiful. 

Escorting as written in this an option. The boobs you see are an option and one you will love to consider and very attainable with time. This profile will remain as a dominant woman now, for rather obvious reasons. 

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