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Hey you all. So I have a fantasy that I desperately want to live out involving real pain and t
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Hey you all. So I have a fantasy that I desperately want to live out involving real pain and torture with no safe words at all being afforded to me. I have been trying and looking everywhere and just haven't found anyone local who would be willing to help me out here. I'm a Caucasian male in my early 30s living in the Virginia/DC area and my fantasy involves me being a willing subject to hours upon hours of unbearable torture and severe pain play. The grand finale or epitome if you will of my fantasy request is that of a mock execution where I'll be sentenced to death by burning! I want to be tightly secured to a chair that will be inside a bath tub/shower where the water flowing out of the shower head will be fixated ONLY on my stomach. The mistress will then proudly announce my death sentence and slowly turn the shower knob to the point where the water will be scalding hot! The water will only be focused on my stomach where I'll be in excruciating pain! I'll be aroused and throbbing about and desperately trying to escape to no avail. I want this to be as real as possible. Prior to my mock execution I want to experience quite a few hours of torture and pain play. Like a medieval inquisition type of setting. Once again no safe words are to be alloted for my use. Please I am very real about this and if there are any female sadists dommes in the Virginia, DC, or Maryland area that would just love to perform this elaborate torture session onto my helpless body then please get in touch with me! I'm a complete willing male participant looking for that one female sadist living nearby who loves the idea of my mock execution theme.

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