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Husband seeking Bi or Les to assist my prim and proper wife to the bifem side of the fence. Se
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Husband seeking Bi or Les to assist my prim and proper wife to the bifem side of the fence. Seeking this for her pleasure.... Seeking a woman who can handle assisting my wife with pleasures only another woman can give her. At times, forcing my wife's body to betray her mind till she becomes addicted to that pleasure. Must be willing to start slowly....she's a natural domme and loves a good massage....NOTHING gets her more sexually aroused faster then a decent massage. I am NOT seeking a 3some. This is about my wife getting pleasure in ways a man could never pleasure her. I realize most women will not be interested in helping a staight married mom build a bifem side....but I do hope to find that special one that finds this challenge appealing. Seeking a sensual reeducation not corporal reeducation. Possibly open to long term, select submissive- NOT seeking home wreckers. Need one that is capable of seducing from a submissive side and winning over all through the use of pleasure And, because it needs to be said... No Men & No m/f Ps...I've been asked if we are seeing a slave. It would have to be a slave that isn't focused on physical only. One that desires be be a house servant to a married couple, but a slave to my wife (in private)

Journal Entries:
10/28/2017 4:51:56 PM
Just got played again by yet another game player or fake.... only after pics

10/17/2017 12:53:55 PM
NO! No you may not expect me/us to invite you to move into our home only just having met you. No, not even after knowing you a whole day. Seriously....

10/11/2017 2:29:29 PM
I find it hard to believe all these "Doms/Dommes" have dungeons in their homes.  So many here claim to have the Gothic Castel style playrooms/dungeons.  I guess the economy must be recovering.

For the record, my wife and I do NOT have anything even remotely like that.  I had one sub complain on here because I refused to agree to keep her in a dog kennel in the basement.  Another complained that we needed a "designated space for total submission."  Sorry, but for my wife and I, this is more about control over the submissive on a regular day in and day out basis.  Getting what we want out of the servant.  There is no "designated play time" when the role play fantasy starts and stops.  This isn't a trashy novel, or porn movie.  The vanilla world exists.  It provides for our existance.  Having a sub run around our property all day butt-ass-naked, or dressed as a dog, cow, pig, or sheep, mowing the grass isn't realistic.  That's a scene from a porn movie or novel, and has no place in what we seek.

If your goal as a sub or slave is to be chained up all day, or fucked all day, then we aren't for you.  To rent out a sub or slave to others, to to set up a bordello, and have you used by others, isnt for us.  Why would I want to take on the legal problems that would bring, not to mention the very real world confrontation with our societies criminal orginzations?  I have no desire to set up competition to their sources of income, just because a sub enjoys a gangbang, or being whored out.  And, can I also mention another real problem: EXPOSURE to STDS, whoring out a sub or slave would bring about.  NO THANK YOU!

My wife and I live in the real world, and seek a sub that does so as well. A sub who gains enjoyment from pleasuring and assisting her owners in day to day life.

8/10/2017 12:24:43 PM
I don't get people some times.  One Domme, wants to turn my wife to bifem...COOL. But then she want to have other men fucking her all the time...NOT COOL.   Then she wants ME to fuck these other men.... WHAT THE F##K???  Thanks for wasting my time.... I'm sorry I failed to mention ,my lack of interest in being gay, or turning my wife out for other men... so many time wasters and game players on here....NOT COOL!

7/5/2017 1:03:38 PM
NO, I am NOT interested in shipping my wife to you, so you can reeducate her...Dhhhhh.

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