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Update: I don't have any age or appearance preferences. All I ask is that you be intelligent.
Female Slave, 28,  Iowa US

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Update: I don't have any age or appearance preferences. All I ask is that you be intelligent. I may be a submissive animal on the inside, but I don't submit to idiots. I value intellectual superiority and the ability to care for my personal needs such as food, water, medical expenses, etc.. the most. Good looks will get you absolutely no where with me because I don't see my owner in that light.

Also many of you have asked me if I'm a virgin and why it is that I choose to avoid vaginal sex. It's a bit of a long story, but he's I am a virgin. It involves quite a bit of sexual molestation and a father leaving me when I was very young. Ever since that it kind of screwed me up mentally and I was scared to death of having kids. So much so, that I chose to avoid sex altogether. I would prefer no human sexual contact, but if you must oral and anal only please.

One last thing. The drive for me to want to become an animal is deep. This is not something I'm simply doing to get a free ride from people as some of you have suggested. Ever since I was very young I identified with animals more from the way they look at me sometimes, to secretly envying the simple life they lead. Ideally, I would not want any sex with my K9 mate to be rushed as I don't have much experience with this yet. I would much rather be able to bond with the dog and be trained alongside it a little bit beforehand.

I joined this site because quite frankly, I am sick and tired of living like this. All this stress, all these bills, all of these fake friends, I don't want any of it anymore. I yearn for a life that makes sense. A life that is simple and easy. One where I give up all of my freedoms, rights, and decisions in exchange for 24/7 TPE total care.

It is because of my desire for a simple life that I view myself as more of an animal than a human being. Therefore, I am not looking to be your soul mate, lover, or even friend. I am more interested in being a pet in every sense of the word. I may offer companionship and personal entertainment, but I want no romantic relation with my owner. I seek to become a dog and live my life free of all the burdens humans have to deal with on a daily basis.

If you are familiar with the veterinarian's artwork on DeviantArt, you already have some idea of what I want in life. Ideally, I want to be kept in a bitchsuit that makes me look like a dog, and I want to have a large tail plug inserted into me. Along with all of this, I also hope to be trained and conditioned in ways that make me behave and believe that I am nothing more than a dog.

As far as sex is concerned, I don't really want to have any direct sex with my owner. If I have to, I ask that you please only use me for anal and oral purposes. I want to save myself and my cunt for the Masters dog. I seek K9 training and want the whole experience when it comes to living this as a lifestyle.

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