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Dominant Professional Black Male, seeking a truly dynamic submissive female who has an open mi
Male Dominant, 45,  Dallas/Alabama, Alabama US

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Dominant Professional Black Male, seeking a truly dynamic submissive female who has an open mind this lifestyle offers . I am a non smoker and drinker physically fit very straightforward and honest person. I am seeking an adventurous and intelligent person who knows her way and has a sense of what she desires if not she us willing to have someone to assist her in that pursuit. I am very self confident and extremely real if you are not real no need to chat only interested in those with integrity. I just recently relocated to Alabama area for work, but have a home in Texas as primary residence so seeking great new opportunities. I have a unique way of collaborative style to enhance your mindset, expert in understanding you and your needs. Whether it's a 24/7 relationship that she or he is in or wishes to be in, or a casual player, it requires a lot of work and responsibility. l just need someone real..l have no racial issues at all please be real is the key for me no online cyber scams, relocation financial scams or fake pictures Photoshop. l am the real deal are you to all with an open mind.

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11/14/2017 11:43:50 AM
l am truly amazed at the disgenious people here with various scams, fake profiles, complete liars or cyber fantasy escapades. l am really disappointed with the variety of supposed submissives/slaves pretending to be someone they are not. l am amazed at the creative steps some people do to masquerade a fantasy.

9/11/2017 1:27:24 AM
Are there any real people on CS anymore? So many fake ads, robots, fake pictures, money scams galore what happened to sincere interest in BDSM lifestyle. l surmise 95% of ads are not authentic it makes it hard to really trust who you talk too anymore.

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