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Hello everyone I am an older cross dressing closet queen wanting to step out in an exciting
Male Submissive, 59,  Cincinnati, Ohio US

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Hello everyone I am an older cross dressing closet queen wanting to step out in an exciting fetish environment.  I love wearing lingerie under my street clothes and do every chance I can get.  The excitement of wearing lingerie and wondering if anyone will notice is a thrill for me, why I don't know but the feeling is there.  I think a few people noticed a couple of times and I loved the humiliation but I am very careful.  I am really looking for a female domme, but love chatting with other CD.  I attended a Peer Munch and loved it.  The kinksters were fantastic they welcomed me and I heard a few amazing stories.  I told a few too, all in all very nice.  Thank you to the group that sat with me you made me feel very welcomed.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my site.  As I begin to expand I'll post more pictures and hopefully you will notice a sweet transition.  I love to chat please drop me a line I don't get too many notes so I'll be sure to answer.  Again I am looking for a female domme to challenge me and extend my limits.



Journal Entries:
11/7/2017 4:15:38 PM
Hello, I had a fantastic day today.  I went to hustler at Monroe and a very nice sales person helped me pick out a butt plug.  It was pretty humiliating but she was a perfect lady and I selected a nice glass plug, lube and cleaner.  well I am sitting on it now and it feels wonderful.  I also shaved my legs, chest and privet areas.  Pretty neat day.

10/2/2017 5:23:32 PM
Quick update. If you have read my profile I am a closet queen. Well I have been teasing myself. I have been locked up in my CB6000S for 6 days. My record is 200 hours just over 8 days. I will stay locked to beat my record I have gone this long, but should I shoot for two weeks? It has been a lot of fun, some pain but that is fun right? It is very different talking to people while locked up. Please let me know what you think.

9/20/2017 2:30:40 AM
I have vowed to stay current and write every now and again.  I had a nice experience a week ago.  I was contacted by a female domme who asked me to lock myself up in my cock cage and freeze the keys in a 1/2 gallon milk jug.  Of course I did and when I did I wondered what the #@%&*! did I do.  So I spent the night locked up and loved it. Thank you mistress for pushing me.  Then I started to chat with a person in Columbus OH and he asked me to stay locked up, put my keys in my office desk and drive to a meeting in Indiana! Well I did that too.  The feeling of driving away with my keys in my desk was pretty exciting.  So I stayed locked up for about 4 days Sunday - Wednesday and loved it.  I am getting ready to do this again and see if I can stayed locked up for a week.  Going to work locked up is a neat experience. love to hear from others how do you spend your days kinky or not!

8/14/2017 6:43:02 AM
Hello today is Friday 8/18 and I am having a great day.  I am locked up in my CB6000S and in pink panties, so you can understand why I am having a great day.  I've been locked since last night so no fun before bed time.  To add to my excitement I hid my two keys in my car and let someone borrow it, so my chance of freeing my self just drove away for several hours.  I can't explain the feeling watching my car drive away except very exciting.  Please drop me a line if you read this and would like to comment.

7/19/2017 9:45:52 AM
I don't write much here but I'll do better.  Good weekend for me.  I received some tough love from a CD who is perfect very beautiful and provided me with some tips on what I can and should do to improve.  I am participating in some online training and met a few friends here where we chatted pretty late into the night.  So thanks for all that looked at and read my profile and thank you to all those kinksters who are lovely people willing to chat and allow for some special times.

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