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There are many aspects of Me, Mylife and what I desire that I will put here, so keep in touch
Female Dominant, 57,  Van Buren, Arkansas US

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Bisexual Male Slave
Age: 58, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 200 lbs.
Location: carrollton, Texas
Last on 11/13/17 at 7:58 PM
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Bisexual Male Slave
Age: 47, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 210 lbs.
Location: Grove, Oklahoma
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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 46, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm), Weight: 155 lbs.
Location: laval, Canada
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Bisexual Male Submissive
Age: 48, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: DESTIN, Florida
Last on 11/14/17 at 2:34 AM
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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 59, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 205 lbs.
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
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There are many aspects of Me, Mylife and what I desire that I will put here, so keep in touch to learn more as I progress with this new profile.


I am a dominant woman. I am just that. I am not dominant because of any superiority on my part. Not because I feel I am more intelligent, or wiser.I am not dominant because of the strength or mass of my body. I am not, nor would I want to be dominant with all men. Yet to you, I am Mistress. I am your Mistress only after I earn your trust and I embrace your submissiveness. I have looked into your heart and mind and clearly see your desires and passions. I have thrown away my fears and inhibitions. I tell you of the needs of my heart and body. I have given you total access to my soul, and you accept the responsibility and honor. 

I am a woman. I am not weak or inferior because of it. I am a treasure to be cherished. We are not equal. You have the strength of body and mind and the instinctive need to protect, possess, defend and provide for me. I am a woman and instinctively stronger of will and heart. My belief in you gives you courage and direction. My strength disperses your doubt. My needs and desires encourage and give purpose to your efforts. We are not equal. We are halves of a whole. We compliment each other and make each other complete. My desire to dominate you is instinctive. It is not to degrade you nor is it degrading to you because you are secure in being totally submissive. 

We each recognize and accept our worth, and our need for someone to trust and fulfill our needs. I am sure, strong and proud in my womanhood. you do not submit as acceptance of inferiority, but from strength and passion. You expect a woman to stand strong and be a woman. You desire and flourish in the strength and control of a woman. In return you present control of your body, unqualified trust and honesty, and the faithfulness of your heart. You submit because I have earned your trust. Because you have opened your heart and soul to me. 

Because you have listened to my words with your ears and heart and have learned to anticipate my needs and emotions. And because you have proven worthy in my eyes, I have given you the only true treasure of life: you have given me dominance over you. What I give is not abnormal, but pure, natural and the rarest gift a woman could give a man. I have given you complete and unshakable assurance of my commitment to you. Your submissiveness is a magnificent gift and sacred responsibility. I accept this from you with humility and joy. I understand the rarity and purity of this gift. I recognize it is your body and soul, your heart and mind.I dominate you only because you have allowed it. I dominate only because you have allowed me to and when I see your body kneel before me, in my mind and heart you are raised above all other men, and all the treasures of the earth. What you give freely can not in reality be bought.


What i am Looking For:
You are a submissive man.You find pleasure, joy & fulfillment from being submissive in a loving relationship.You are not weak or stupid. You are a strong man, with firm views and a clear concept of what you want.You do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. You look to your loving Mistress for guidance and protection...for never are you more complete than when I am with you.You know that I will protect your body, your mind and your soul with my strength and wisdom.

I am everything to you, as you are everything to me. My touch awakens you and my thoughts free you. Only in serving me do you find complete freedom and joy. My punishments are harsh, but you accept them thankfully...knowing that I have your best interest always foremost in my mind. If I desire your body for pleasure, you shall joyfully give it to me and take pleasure yourself from knowing have brought your Mistress happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship.

The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt....those are all parts of this relationship. Your body is mine if i say you are handsome then you are. No matter what you look like to others...You are handsome in my eyes, and because of that you hold your head high...for who can tell you that your Mistress is wrong in seeing the beauty in you? If I say you are my prince, then you are that...regal and graceful, and if you see laughter at me in the eyes of others, You do not recognize it, for who are they to call your Mistress wrong?

Journal Entries:
11/9/2017 7:51:40 AM
My messaging is fixed!

11/3/2017 9:24:57 PM

11/3/2017 8:34:39 PM
Pardon My absence I have been dealing with a serious health issue and am not feeling like being up and on the computer.  If I had been talking with you on a serious note then please leave Me a note if you are still interested, but understand that I am planning on relocating to Texas when I can, so that may be a deciding factor for some of you.  If I had been texting with some of you then contact Me here because I have had to switch phones....yes runs away from Me remember *laughs*  I am having problems with getting messages to go through right now but I will continue to try...docile and safari I am trying to contact both of you.

2/26/2017 7:09:37 AM
I am taking a will know when I decide to return.

1/3/2017 10:45:54 PM
I seek those that are real and true to living life within this realm.  Those that have a burning desire to serve and know their honest place in life.  To serve without hesitation, have and keep an open mind, understands that this is My domain and as slave they give into My keeping the entirety of themselves, the building of trust and respect are essential and as much My responsibility to them as they will to Me.

I am a bit sadistic and have a very deep dark side and although I know and understand not all of My darker desires include all within My household they will be required to observe....this is where the open mindedness is paramount.

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