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Ok first I like mean guys, not nice guys.  Second you have to seduce me I am shy.  Third write
Female Submissive, 22,  Not Alabama, Alabama US

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Ok first I like mean guys, not nice guys.  Second you have to seduce me I am shy.  Third write at the top of your message.  "Rough Mean" and I will try to read it.

I get a bajillion messages, and most are the same old thing.

1.  If its huge not wasting the time to read it.


2.  Dick picks go to trash, pics I look at

3.  Don't ask me a bunch of dumb generic questions in the first message.  Be interesting tell me what you are looking for.

4.  If I don't answer try the next day I am not on here often because life.



Great you came this far.  I get scared of easy, I am timid however I have hooked up with guys online, and others I have flaked on you have been warned.  Also I may may send you my email so I can get off here this is slow, but only if you really turn me on, don't ask for it, then number and so on.

Journal Entries:
10/28/2017 9:42:04 PM
The butt hurt is strong, and not with me for once.  Some guy wanted to chat and I was busy, now I am fake etc even though I talk on the phone and send pics to people, if he doesn't see them or hear my voice I am fake...

5/5/2017 10:47:53 PM
Vacation time so if you don't get a reply and I delete your message you either didn't follow instructions or I not going through 4-5 pages of messages.

4/19/2017 10:39:15 AM

So I know I'm really bad at finishing discussing my experiences and I tend not to write too much about them after the fact. I will try to do better but I don't have a whole lot of time normally.

So when we got to his place he literally had the car in park and my door was being yanked open. Someone grabbed me by my arm that was still semi-painfully tied and yanked me out. I remember yelping and hearing him tell me that I was going to get to men for the price of one. Maybe he said Dick or something I don't remember. Both of them had their hands on me and I couldn't see a thing it was pretty damn cold out but I remember my hands were freed for a minute and all the sudden all my clothes were being yanked off me. They groped and pinched and slapped and pulled. Next thing I know I'm being walked around outside and I can hear a cell phone being used to take pictures which I expressly said no to earlier. They still deny that any photos were taken but I swear I heard it.

I was brought into some building which are not really sure what was. I guess it was kind of a shatter outside building that was reworked to be a dungeon. They took my hood off and I got a semi-glimpse. The guy was wearing a mask and I started saying this wasn't the deal when they brought out one of those crazy panel gags with a little Dick's in it. The mask I grab my nipples and yanked until I yelled in the panel gag was shoved in my mouth which they then buckled down. Next I had some blindfold put on and I was in the dark again.

I was forced to my knees and then down on my hands. My ankles were locked and so were my wrists I couldn't pull them together and I really could move them at all. Then they began to paddle the shit out of me. This went on for what felt like forever and I can tell you from the black and blue on my ass the beating they gave me was pretty horrific. Next came out the cane on my thighs meanwhile one of them and attached nipple clamps and was yanking on them as I screamed. I could feel little drops of blood streaming down my ass and legs and they finally stopped beating me even though I was a gooey snotty mess this point. One of the men got behind me and lined up his cock and slammed straight fucking into me slamming my now battered ass against his thighs. The feeling was wonderful and painful at the same time all the while I was crying. He hammered the shit out of me for what felt like forever and then came inside me which is another thing that I told him not to do.

The next guy got behind me at this point I had flopped face first onto the ground which had moved my blindfold just a bit and I could see a wall full of chains and whips. I was looking at my bolted down wrists to the wood in the floor and the metal restraints that had padlocks on them when the next guy grabbed my hips and shoved his cock so far up my ass I thought was gonna come out my throat. I member shooting off the ground in school reaching like I was being murdered into the gag which made him laugh and slap my ass several times. He lasted longer than the first guy but when he was about to come he yanked my hair back arching my back and said he had all night as he orgasmed deep inside my ass.

At this point both of my holes were leaking to very large loads. I remember collapsing back to the floor panting and sobbing from the abuse. They shoved two things into me one in my pussy and one in my ass then remove the nipple clamps and reattached different ones. At this point they started using electricity to zap my battered holes and nipples. I remember from the small glimpses I had that they were walking around with beers in their hands but I couldn't see up high enough or getting an angle to see much else.

More to come when I get around to it

3/15/2017 8:19:21 PM

Been talking to someone, and we finally got to meet. He's a lot older and all by about 30 years or so. Anyways he had me goto the mall up in Indy and meet. We meet at Starbucks and he bought me a mocha, and stat down and chatted for a bit. He verified my age and stuff and showed me some of his work which was hot as fuck.

He said I wasn't dressed right or something so we ended up in hot topic and he bought me a green plaid skirt, black widows vest jacket, and some harry potter leggings. I guess he saw me shivering already and took pity on me or something. He told me to goto the restroom and change and had this waist chain he had me wear that had slut on in metal with a little locking padlock. So i changed and was more cold. We went to eat Buca which wasn't bad at all, and then went to his car. He talked to me like i was a child a lot, and was pretty nasty with how he spoke down to me which made me wet, but was pretty vanilla publicly which was worrying he wouldn't be enough. So he said we were going to see a movie which I though was going to be boring as fuck.


First though we stopped by his car and he made me take my panties off outside of his car and throw them on his dashboard. That wasn't bad but I blushed and thought ohh this is it. We went and saw a movie. We saw logan, and a bit of the way through it he pulled this thing out of his pocket. It looked like a pink sperm with a tale. He made me spread and I had to let him insert it in me. He stuck the tale in my butt which wasn't bad but I teared up a bit and messed up my makeup. How he activated it I have no idea because he had that thing going off randomly etc. He said he wasn't controlling it but god it was rough and I had to stop myself from moaning.


We ended up leaving and going to his car where I got in the passenger side and he zip-tied my hands, collared me with this metal ring he screwed in while my head was in his lap, and then yanked a hood over my head and for the next forever how long it was he drove. He yanked me around forced my face into his crotch yanked my nipples and slapped me. Then I spent the night with him and holly fuck was that rough.

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