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I've been involved on and off in the local BDSM community for about 5 years and am currently l
Male Dominant, 35,  Alabama US

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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 22, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
Location: Oakland, Michigan
Last on 2/12/17 at 9:44 PM









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 Dominant Male


 5' 9"

 155 lbs


 African Descent



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Submissive Female


A Poly Household

I've been involved on and off in the local BDSM community for about 5 years and am currently looking for an open minded submissive playmate hopefully leading to something long term, if not serious.
I enjoy connecting with people and helping them experience new things. I've done all the freaky shit I wanted to do. And though I'm up for doing pretty much all of it some more, I value having people worth talking to� that I can be completely open with.
I'm a bit partial to littles and pets (unequal partners who require being taken care of).

I enjoy reading bedtime stories and talking to girls until they go to sleep.

What's most important to me is honesty, followed closely by openness.

I seem to draw and be drawn to broken dolls. Though repairing them isn't what I most enjoy.
That's what would work well with me long term

I'm open to casual play and enjoy humiliation and dehumanization.

I like making friends, I also enjoy abusing cunts.

Journal Entries:
8/8/2017 1:56:54 PM
I do miss having a girl trained to lick ass before she can come.

6/13/2017 4:43:30 PM

6/6/2017 8:32:31 PM
Someone's hard limits can tell you a lot about the things they take for granted.

9/15/2016 6:35:54 AM
For anyone purportedly with no limits, imagine waking up to a swift kick to the teeth, now reconsider your limits or lack there of.

9/9/2016 6:20:56 PM
He was waiting patiently reading a book on a bench outside the hotel when she arrived. He hadn't considered it before, but he was glad those benches were there; it's more difficult to appear calm and relaxed when you're waiting for someone and standing up. He didn't know what she would be driving but recognized her as soon as she got out of the minivan. Three young kids, so a minivan made sense. She had on a cute yellow floral sundress on that made her look younger than she was. She walked straight towards him without hesitation. Still glancing towards his book he smiled slightly. Having great peripheral vision was something he never took for granted. He closed the book and stood as she approached. "Hi there" he said as he welcomed her to his arms and kissed her deeply. He pulled a key card from his pocket. "Go to room 142, there you'll find a pillow on the floor with a blind fold and leather cuffs on it. Undress and put them on then kneel on the pillow facing the door with the door unlocked. When you hear it open, open your mouth...

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