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I am an avid reader, enjoy traveling, exercising, playing and watching sports (especially SEC)
Male Dominant, 48,  Madison, Mississippi US

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Age: 40, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm)
Location: Brandon, Mississippi
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I am an avid reader, enjoy traveling, exercising, playing and watching sports (especially SEC), going to movies, and find doing yardwork therapeutic. Working hard and taking pride in a job well done is important to me. I value intelligence and honesty.  I am calm and analytical, but love to laugh and have found that humor keeps me sane. Professional and vanilla in everyday life, but kinky and dominant in the bedroom. 

For the vast majority of my  20+ years experience as a Dominant, I tried to maintain some emotional distance from my subs because I am married and plan to stay married (That is no longer the case.) I customized sessions to explore the desires of my subs and to help them discover who they are at their core. The sessions and my relationships  were intense but also kinky, fun, educational, and therapeutic. I enjoyed every experience but something was missing.

During the past few months, thanks to some beautiful people, my self-imposed barriers have lowered and I've discovered the passion that has been missing in my life.   

So a few more things about me:

I don't expect anyone to call me Master, Sir, or Mr. Domly Pants or any other title of respect until I've earned that level of respect from the person in question.

I practice good manners, treat everyone with common courtesy, and observe people's boundaries.

I am caring and patient but also firm and dedicated.I do not tolerate dishonesty.  

If you lie to me, we are done.

I am convinced that there is not one right way to be kinky, but there are many wrong ways.  All play must always be safe, sane, and consensual.

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