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Caring dom daddy with a dark side, looking for a sub into light to medium bondage. Prefer a yo
Male Dominant, 30,  New Hampshire US

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Bisexual Male Switch
Age: 55, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 165 lbs.
Location: Dover, NH, New Hampshire
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Caring dom daddy with a dark side, looking for a sub into light to medium bondage. Prefer a younger smooth boi with smaller build.

If you are going to contact me, state your reason for contacting me, or ask a question. A random "Hello sir" means nothing if I don't know you.

My ideal sub:
Smooth (or willing to wax)=MUST
Thin build=++++ skinny/scrawny=+++++
Light complexion=++
Full cross dressing=- (fem underwear is okay)
Degridatsion=- Toilet slave=---
Note: I enjoy tormenting, pleasuring, and denying release of a sub more than a sub just servicing me. I'm looking for a toy to play with and a boi to take care of, not a sex slave to stick in a cage.
That being said, if you are just a sex slave looking for someone to service, then we can still have some fun.🔒

Journal Entries:
2/24/2017 12:48:45 PM
Another story from my dark side: You said you never did anything with another man before and you though some slave play would be fun. He seemed so caring and gentle as you stripped for him and he locked your ankles to the base of a table, legs spread wide. You started getting hard even before the second ankle was locked. He locks a steel ring gag in your mouth, leaned you over the table, slid your mouth down a dildo mounted on the middle, and strapped your head down to it. He then bound your arms to the side of the table. You start to get a little nervous as you start to feel more and more helpless. He calms you by gently rubbing your back, kissing your shoulder blade, and telling you that everything is going to be fine. He slides you're rock hard throbbing cock into a hole at the base of the table and strappes your thighs tight to the table, no longer allowing you to pull your cock from the hole. You start to feel the sides of this hole contracting and expanding as it slowly sucks your cock. It feels so good that you don't really notice the blindfold he puts on you. You start to feel the sucking slow down more and more until it is just enough to keep you hard without stimulating you enough to get off. He places his hand on your back and says gently, "I hope you're comfortable", as you feel him leave you and you hear a door close behind you. All is quiet except for the slow feignt pulsing of the machine milking your cock. Your mind starts to race as you wonder what he has in store for you. Though sleeping is nearly impossible with your constantly throbbing cock, you drift in and out of sleep throughout the night. You wake suddenly to the sensation of cold water filling your bowels. You moan and struggle in protest but are bound too securely. You feel the nozzle slide from your ass as you clench it tight to hold it in. "Let it go boy" you hear from that familiar yet less gentle voice. You struggle some more in protest, unable to form words with the dildo filling your mouth. You feel the intense sting of a whip on your ass as you let out a scream. You start trying to beg and plead for him to let you go. You start to feel the dildo slide deeper and deeper, down your throat. You start to gag but it is quickly halted as the dildo fills your throat. You struggle to try and breath but the dildo is to big. You struggle as you feel another lick of the whip. "Doing what you're told will make this a lot easyer on both of us". As you struggle for air, you finally decide to give in as you let out the contents of your bowels. As your mind starts going dark from the lack of oxygen, you feel the strap holding your head down loosen. You pull your head up a few inches before the strap becomes taut and stops your progress. You get just far enough to get a breath before gagging as the dildo still presses against the back of your throat. You still feel something trying to pull your head down, and have to fight against the elastic strap trying to drive your helpless throat back down onto the dildo. Now straining to hold your head up, you feel your bowels start to fill again. "You going to be more cooperative, or do I need to break out the whip again?" You hear as the nozzle is removed from your ass. "Let it out boy" He commands. You pause for a moment and think about resisting, but after only a few seconds you feel the sting of the whip again. Fearful of having your throat driven back onto the dildo, you empty your bowels again, only to feel them filling up again. After several more cleanings, the enemas stop. Your insides feel empty from the cleaning, your neck is sore from holding it up against the elastic strap trying to thrust it back down onto the dildo, and your cock is aching from the 12 hour erection. "Now you're ready for service" you hear from that once gentile voice. Your mind starts racing at what could be next. After a minute or so, you feel something pressing against your new newly cleaned hole. You instantly clench your ass in protest. You feel a man, a bit larger than the one who 'prepared' you, lean over you, grab your shoulders, and thrust his rather wide cock into your ass. You yell out in pain just before he trusts your head down onto the dildo to mute your cries. Your neck, which could barely resist the elastic strap, had no strength left to resist this man's weight thrusting your throat onto the dildo. He grabs your hair and pulls your head back up. Though painful, you are a bit relieved as you can relax your neck without suffocating yourself. You feel the thrust of his cock getting faster, deeper, and harder, until you start to feel him bottoming out in your ass. It feels like someone punching you from the inside. You moan in pain only to have your throat thrust onto the dildo again. "If you can't keep quiet, maybe this will shut you up." You hear at you feel the strap around your head tighten, preventing you from lifting your head. As your thoughts grow dim, you feel the thrusting of his cock slow as it starts to pulse, depositing his load deep in your ass. He pulls his cock out of your ass;. His thick load dripping down your crack, falling from your engorged ball sack. Just before you lose conciseness, you feel warm, stale air hit your lungs as the dildo slides from your throat just enough for you to breath. You gag with every moan as it is still pressing against the back of your throat. You feel a familiar feeling as your bowels once again start to fill with water. "You know the drill." you hear from the man who has essentially come to own you. When the nozzle is removed you empty your bowels without hesitation. At this point you'll do anything to avoid any more discomfort or punishment. "Good boy." You hear as he pats you on the back and leaves the room. Once again the only noise is the slow feignt pulsing of the machine still milking your aching cock. After what seems like hours, though it has only been 30 minutes, you hear someone enter and place his hand on your lower back. You feel his cock slip into your, now sore, hole. It is thinner than the man before but it keeps going deeper and deeper. You feel it bottom out in your ass but you still don't feel his thighs against your ass. You yelp as he grabs your shoulders and trusts his long hard rod, deep into your ass instantly stretching your inner rectum open. You feel like someone is kicking you in the liver with every thrust, and the trusts get faster and faster. You try your best to keep quiet as to avoid further punishment. After several minutes you feel the thrusting getting slow and deeper as he blows his load deep inside you. You feel relieved for a moment until you feel the thrusting start back up and continue for another hour. As he blows his load for a second time, you start to truly feel like nothing more than someone's fuck toy as the aching from your forced erection grows. You hear him exit the room as your 'master' enters again to clean you out. He then opens a door on the side of the table. "You must really have to take a piss by now." You hear as you feel the milking machine move a bit. You haven't been able to relieve yourself since your cock has been hard now for over 14 hours. You sigh in relief as you expect him to let you get soft to take a piss. With similar disappointment as all the times before, you feel a tube traveling up your urethra while the machine is still pumping. As you feel your bladder drain you also feel the slight tug of the catheter against your bladder. "That should keep it in place." He says as he inflates the small balloon on the end of the catheter inside your bladder. He closes the door on the side of the table and leaves you for the remainder of the day. You now lie there quiet; only able to think about your pain and discomfort. Your throat is sore from the dildo being crammed down it, and still pressed firmly against the back. Your ass aching from the thorough pounding. Your balls are swollen from the constant arousal. And your dick is throbbing in pain from the hours of forced erection, now plugged with a catheter to drain your bladder. Later that day, now with a 24 hour, throbbing erection, you hear your master enter the room. "You have a nice rest?" He asks as you hear him moving something behind you. "Time to put you up for the night." You moan as you feel a thick rubber dildo slide into your still sore ass. "This should keep you ready for tomorrow's party." He says as you hear him turn something on and the dildo starts sliding deeper and deeper, much further than even the second customer. You cry out in pain as the thrusting gets faster and faster. Once it hits about 2 thrusts every second, your master says "you have a good night now.". You now lie there getting your ass thuroughly pounded while still enduring your mind numbing erection. Your blindfold soaked in sweat and tears. That morning you awake to the sting of a whip on your ass. You moan to indicate you are awake but you feel another crack of the whip, then another, then another. After 10 lashings you are reduced to tears and whimpering. Then you feel your dildo gag slide out of your mouth only to be replaced by another. "Suck it" you master demands. As you start to suck, water comes out. "You'll need to stay hydrated". He proclamation as he leaves the room. You drink as much as you can as you are dried out from the day before. You notice the water tastes a little off but you are just glad to get any at all, not realizing that the water also has any nutrients you need to stay alive without food. After 30 minutes, your master comes back to prepare you for today's customers. This pattern continues day after day after day. Wake up to 10 lashings, morning feeding, cleaning, fucking, night feeding, and sleep with a dildo pounding your ass. All with a constant, excruciating erection. Reduced to nothing but a fuck toy, only looking forward to the occasional back rub from a customer. With only the mind numbing ache of your hard, throbbing, engorged cock on your mind, you give up on who you are and accept your new life as nothing more than an object, a tool, someone else's property.

2/24/2017 12:23:00 PM
What I would love to do to a smooth young slave: Alone in the darkness of the blindfold, unable to speak as the gag fills your mouth. You strain against the restraints, binding your arms to the chair and legs spread; exposing your hard throbbing cock, soaked with precum. You moan as you're helpless cock is slowly stoked, closer and closer to the edge; only to be pulled back by the long pause. By now, release is the only thought on your mind. All sense of time lost. Willing to do anything for release. After what seems like a lifetime, the stroking doesn't stop; in fact, it gets faster and faster. As you are pushed far past the edge, your body spasms in a moment of extacy, quickly followed by an overwhelming sensation shooting through your body. You're cock head being polished relentlessly, as you try to close your legs, are only able to strain against the ropes, unable to pull your cock away. The only thought on your mind now is the overstimulation of your oversensitive cock head. The sensations seem to never end as you twitch and spam, begging and pleading incoherently, through the gag, but nothing you do seems to slow the onslaught of torment to your cock head. As tears start falling from behind the blindfold, the torment slows and eventually stops. You're completely drained, drenched in sweat, and still panting from the torment. Still unable to move you sit and wonder what's coming next. After several minutes, and your breathing relaxes, you feel a vibrator pressed against your now soft, flaccid cock. You feel it start to stiffen, then the same familiar stroking that tormented you before. Ad the torture starts all over again your world goes dark and you have no choice but to give in you your new life as someone else's play thing.

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