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    This is not my first rodeo, so don't try to b/s me.  -------------------
Female Dominant, 62,  Vermont US

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This is not my first rodeo, so don't try to b/s me. 


I still have openings for male subs part time and full time.  I am also looking for a female sub to live in,  I do have 3 sub bois that I use for sessions now. I do not dominate online, if that is what you want, look elsewhere.  This is not my first time around. I do know what I want out of my subs. And I get what I want from them. 


I like bi males, but will also consider straight males. If you say you can relocate, do so. Do not try and string me along, it won't work.  I have hard limits I will not push, no scat,no children, no illegal acts, no needle play, or blood. 


If you contact me, Please and I can not emphasis this enough, BE REAL... and DON'T PLAY GAMES. 

You will be blocked if you try. And I have a big block list. 

if you are outside of the country that I reside in, go away I am not interested

Journal Entries:
11/15/2017 12:30:03 PM
Took my aggressions out on my backdoor, it wasn't closing tight, so I took a hammer to it. It is tight now, will need brute strength to open it in the spring.   I have made plans for a family get together next Saturday, my housemate and her family and my son, his wife and my grandson. Today, my son stops by with a message from his wife, stating she wants me to change everything for her because she is going to her sister's on Sunday. I didn't shoot the messenger, no not this time,, I didn't blow a gasket as she hoped I would. She wouldn't even get out of the truck. lol I hope you enjoy your mother in law, because I am not changing my plans. I am not putting 2 separate dinner plans together in less than a couple of days. This has happened before with my dil, and I am so over these stupid actions of hers. They have been together for over 12 yrs, and she still hasn't learned I don't back down. When I make plans I stay the course. If she gets pissy it's not my problem, it's hers. 

11/11/2017 12:12:33 PM
The 2nd b/p pill in the morning makes me feel strange, so I dropped it off today, and that was the wrong thing to do, that threw me into a total tailspin, made me wicked dizzy. So I took the 2nd med and am still feeling dizzy so hoping it works itself out. So taking a few days off to see it straightens out on it's own. I am going back to the drs in a few weeks. Have had my share of stress the last few days, with things going on with my housemate her goddaughter overdosed and died. Then I got news my cousin with pancreatic cancer has less than 6 months. 

11/5/2017 12:38:18 PM
Made it through my dr appt with good results, changing the times I take one of my meds to see if it helps slow down my tremors, I had them under control then my dr plays with my meds and the tremors go haywire again. So going to try it one more time and then if it doesn't work I am dropping that med. My blood work came back really good. I am doing really well physically, my gait is getting better. 

11/5/2017 4:37:02 AM
I really don't have the time to chat my days away. I am ramping up my business and making chocolates and fudges to sell on my business page. It is the first year in awhile I have felt this ambitious to move forward with my business, it opens in my barn next spring, but am putting on items on my business page to get the word out. My chocolate shop was a hit when I opened it a few years ago in my hometown, so with a business page I can get back into gear. I am only going to make a couple of flavors of bonbons, not the 12 flavors I was doing. And a variety of fudges. Most of my friends like to be my guinea pigs to try flavors for me. 

11/4/2017 2:42:31 PM
I ordered all the things I will need to make candy next week for a few friends. I posted recipes on fb of some different fudges and a friend of mine, made me laugh. She told me to quit posting pics and recipes or I had to make her some.  So I am making candy next week, fudge, and a few flavors of bonbons. Think I might make some pumpkin bread and put it in the freezer as well.
Getting my stamina back I have been doing most of the cooking for meals. My housemate says she doesn't mind cooking, but that when I cook it tastes a whole lot better, yea sounds like a suck up to me too.  I actually like to cook and I am pretty good at it. 

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