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It would be hard enough for a man to find a compatible woman on this site but with all the fak
Male Switch, 65,  Small, Alabama US

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It would be hard enough for a man to find a compatible woman on this site but with all the fake profiles getting in the way it's seems impossible. If I peak your interest, just say Hi. I don't need or want your life story in the first message. I much rather have a conversation with you and see where it takes us.


Just my observation on some of the women's profiles:


You only want someone local.

So you think someone who only wants to get to know you because your convenient is a better match than someone who calls you at night. Is willing to travel to another state on the weekends to be with you.
Food for thought: You think being close distance wise makes two people closer. Guess what. The average couple only speaks to one another for 15 minutes per day!

You only want a Dom because:

One woman wrote she is submissive because she enjoys doing what her
partner likes. In my eyes that makes you a good partner. If you wanted to be with someone who couldn't care less about what you want, then that makes you submissive.
So is that what you want when you say you are submissive and only want a Dom?

You like pain.

So a Dom who beats you because he likes to beat women is ok. A man who isn't a Dom who causes you pain because he knows your the type who's body makes endorphins that give you a sexual high is not a good match?


Your a sub because you like to have your breast play with very roughly.
Food for thought: A study has showed that breast that are handle roughly from time to time show better breast tissue so are less likely to get cancer. Maybe your not a sub, just health conscious!


What do you bring to the table?

I don't know, let's sit down and see what WE bring to the table.


As you can tell by now, I think the women on this site are way too hung up on labels and other things. Are you sure you'll not throwing away perfectly good matches?


 Some of the things I like and some of the things I don't:

If you tell me to kiss your ass; you better watch where you are saying this because your pants are coming down.


If you are bring out whips and canes it had better be that you want me to use them on you because you not going to be using them on me.


If you think it is more fun to piss on someone than in the toilet; then please go right ahead. Think of it this way; the pee comes from one of the most sexual part of a woman's body, it the perfect temperature and I am sure has lots of pheromones. So what's not to like!?


If you tell me I will mow the lawn, fix up the house and your going to keep me in chastity and not be sexual with me.


sirfy itsas haed to ty[e bedahse I wzs lahghing so hrd!


Sorry, it was hard to type because I was laughing so hard!



P.S. It is very important to me that we respect each other and enjoy each other sexually. So age and race limits are totally up to you.

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