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Gamble everything!!! Loving with halfheartedness is the rope leading to an abyss, and you w
Female Dominant, 55,  Providence, Rhode Island US

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 Dominant Female


 Rhode Island

 5' 7"

 170 lbs





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Submissive Male

Gamble everything!!!

Loving with halfheartedness is the rope leading to an abyss, and you won't find majesty there.
Not all of us are the same, be a connoisseur, think like a poet...

Crossing the pathway beyond fantasy, choosing to be on the bright side of the moon, leaving the darkness far beyond reach. My Nirvana!

I understand that what I want, also wants me, is looking for me, and attracting me.

Truly Dominant woman are born!!, and have earned our right to be Domme' from our own hand, we cannot change who we are, we do not change our minds, we do not switch, we cannot be compromised, we cannot be bought, we do not bend the knee!!!!! ...this is MY truth!!

I'm not seeking your branches, but what's in your roots.

It occurs to me, that so many of you, offer me bits and pieces, or whatever you have left of yourself, scraps from your table, and you can't figure out why I decline to meet you. I am not looking to be your retreat from your regular life, or a fantasy for you to live out. That can never ever ever please me, and you make a mockery of my dominance.

Try to respect us in the future, as there are very few of us. We pride ourselves in knowing exactly the way we like it, and that our own self worth and self respect are always unbreakable, we are mostly misunderstood the majority of the time, and for those of us that are real, we remain true to ourselves, and deception is not part of our nature, ever!!!!!

There's a lot of ugliness on these sites, mostly in the mind ....stay away, to me, your like a thick fog on a cold damp day.

I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting that longing..

I have no interest in bisexual men or woman, my dominance only extends to straight men.

A weak man doesn't know how to hold onto a strong woman, he, simply, fails the task!

If perhaps, my profile appears weak to you, I will say that I don't needs dragons to protect me, I am the dragon, and will eat you alive.

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