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I live out in the country, single Dad in decent shape and a hard working man. Looking to make
Male Dominant, 44,  Fairhaven , Vermont US

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I live out in the country, single Dad in decent shape and a hard working man. Looking to make a connection with someone that is in tune with their submissive side.  I value honesty and commitment so only the most genuine contact me as I have many years of experience. You would be comfortable taking care of the house or working alongside me on various projects, you would enjoy living a country lifestyle,nothing fancy just enjoying life's simple pleasures while taking care of her man and enjoying time together as a family with the underlying tone that we belong together and are proud of our roles.

 You must not be addicted to any hard-core drugs and understand who you are and what you need. I will give special consideration to someone that is in a position to relocate to me  in the near future And interested in a 1950s type household with a modern day twist. If you  are a submissive couple I am interested in a situation where I take the submissive female and keep her as my own.I have experience with this lifestyle  and previously had a who live in submissive for about a year which unfortunately ended. I don't have time for silly games so let's get in touch and get to know each other.


Journal Entries:
10/21/2017 11:40:25 AM
What  A day off from work, decided to try and tackle putting some new doors in the house and what a project that turned out to be.I was thinking how enjoyable it would be to have my submissive life partner with me to work on things together and  give her rewards  throughout the day. One day I will come across the right one for me and she will have no problem moving to me so I can take care of her for the rest of her life hopefully

9/9/2017 3:31:11 AM
For those of you who read journal entries I am the product of abuse and neglect I amThe product of success for being different then the abusive people that raised me. I am a young boy that rode his bike for 2 miles to try out for the championship baseball team and played all season and never once looked out in the crowd and saw my parents. 
I am the boy that tried his hardest to please my mother and stepfather only to be physically abused on a regular basis and told that I was not any good. As a young man I made poor choices in women and worked very hard to provide for my family only to have most of it stripped away by the evil and cruel people that I married. 
 I realized as I got older the importance of having lots of material possessions,money and success can be nice but once you start over with life in it simplest form there is a beauty to it and although I still work hard every day I measure my success on my children's outcome and my personal happiness.
 I am far from the perfect successful person I dreamed of when I was younger but I sit on my porch or out in the garden in my little country home and realize I don't have it so bad and I have succeeded because I don't abuse my children I try to be kind to those around me and hope to find someone that will empower me and share this life with me as my partner in life enjoying our dominant submissive dynamic.

4/21/2017 5:20:50 AM
I've been browsing the many profiles and noticed that most of your submissive women make a note in their journals or profile that they are receiving 30 to 40 messages per day so if you have been on here for years and you are getting that many messages  it would appear to me that you're not serious about relocating and giving yourself to a dominant.I'm looking for the most serious girls that know who they are and what they need and enjoy protocols, in my household you will be given opportunities to better yourself and it is expected that you can enjoy a day at the beach watching my daughters play around as easily as you can show your submission when it's appropriate. I have owned only one true slave girl and it took me a year to find her and unfortunately that abruptly ended and it's taking me a while to get back in the saddle to renew my search for hopefully my one and only for the rest of my days.

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