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I am transgender. But I'm not a tranny or a she-male or any of the other more derogatory terms
Female Slave, 45,  Arkansas US

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I am transgender. But I'm not a tranny or a she-male or any of the other more derogatory terms out there. I'm not a sissy and I'm certainly not a fetish object. I am simply a female. I tend to be open about it and tell people from the start. It's just people get a totally different idea about what kind of person I am if they see a T by my name. But I suppose that can be said about people who think I'm dominant because my name is capitalized as well.

I enjoy TPE. Love the finer aspects of mental control such as routines, protocols, and rituals. not much of a masochist, and interested in finding something long term.

Submissives are NOT whores or one night stands, they are human beings with emotions, feelings, desires, needs, and a heart that can be easily broken by the "player". Submissives are due high respect and should demand it and are very strong people, it takes great strength for a submissive to give up her life into the care of another, to dare to trust this one with her every breath...

On-line relationships are a very dangerous act for those seeking a r\t honest relationship as it is ever so easy to sit hidden behind a monitor and type all kinds of promises and mental pictures of the perfect person. The trust finally does come out though when one or the other presses for r\t meetings to compare the persons typed words to their r\t, seeable actions. Most on-line fantasy world livers will run the other way as they know that they can not live up to their typed lies. they will come up with every imaginable excuse for not meeting and when the other continues to pressure for that meeting, they eventually will find a way to blame that person for ruining the relationship and then end it so that they will not have to end up showing that all their typed words were nothing but lies or very long stretched truths, incapable of ever being true.

Any "Dom" that comes on like gang busters and has no concern for the submissives needs and emotions and shows little or no respect to her should be avoided at all costs. These are NOT Doms, they are wolves looking for a cheap and easy snack...

In all fairness, I must add that there are submissives that also go hunting for a cheap and easy snack and prey upon the serious Dom that seeks a true relationship. Like the player Dom, they too will sound like Miss Perfect and promise to do anything to get their snack.

Another trap that, usually, the submissive falls into is the Dom that demands she give up everything she has, house, job, friends etc. and move to him, sight unseen,. This is CRAZY. You subs and Doms caught in this trap: beware!!! For many of these kinds of relationships do NOT work for long. As soon as the "honeymoon" is over, the real person will emerge and if he or she is not what you expected, you have nowhere to go and are trapped with them. Leave yourself an out, a way back to safety. Meet your partner several times, spend r\t meetings with them well past the "honeymoon" stage if need be, before giving up your own life and self safety to someone that turns out not to be anything like his\her online demeanor makes you think they are.

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