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I am a findomme first and foremost. My favorite kinks include: Financial Domination, Ignoring
Female Dominant, 32,  Las vegas, Nevada US

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 Dominant Female

 Las vegas 


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I am a findomme first and foremost. My favorite kinks include: Financial Domination, Ignoring You, Humiliation (verbal, physical, tasks etc), Confession, Chastity, Total Power Exchange. Toilet and cbt subs are welcome too!

I am not desperate for money, I just like to take it. Tributes make me wet. The more you tribute the more you will get out of me. So, don't ask how much. I will only take subs who are respectful, obedient and add value to my life. Ideally I am looking for owned contracted subs, but everyone starts off with a session. Be clear when you contact me, what you have to offer and be polite and crisp with your words. Circle pay, squarecash, Amazon and gift rocket can be sent to

Feel free to message me if you are seriously considering being owned by me. I am very good to my subs. I take a lot of time and cater to their needs as well.

Last but not least.... I no longer do rt sessions so please do not ask.

Journal Entries:
11/15/2017 9:44:54 PM
I'm feeling very cruel and greedy. Someone message me on Kik at Asaubrey84

11/15/2017 9:40:32 PM
I just love random tributes 😍

11/15/2017 9:22:57 PM
Kik sessions available tonight. Message me with a tribute at Asaubrey84

11/14/2017 5:31:47 PM
Looking for a human ATM that will make the sound an ATM makes while he sends me money with me on the phone.

11/11/2017 2:27:12 PM
My new writing game and training regimen. The training will be done on A sub/slave can buy a training period. A training period will be one week you will be expected to perform the given word task once a day during that period.  You will pay $100 in advance. The game will go like this.... Each day you pass the test -  a portion of the fee would be returned to you. So if you did the task successfully for the full 7 days, you would get most of your money back.  You will repeat the sentence 75 times with no more than 3 errors. Only one try per day, and no refund for missed days.  The sub/slave who does this daily and  does it well, will initially get most of their money back. The initial fee would be $100. From that the daily refund will be $10 to subs/slaves that do their task successfully. That means a sub who does his word task each and every day for the week would get $70 back. If you get through the task successfully, I will give you a mention on my Twitter. Added awards will be given once a month to the successful subs/slaves. I WILL BE YOUR NEW ADDICTION

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