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i defiantly have a face for feet, i mean my face was made for feet.  To say i have a foot
Male Submissive, 59,  Orlando, Florida US

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i defiantly have a face for feet, i mean my face was made for feet.  To say i have a foot fetish would be an understatement.  A thought can become a fetish, a fetish can become an obsession, when the obsession consumes your thoughts on a daily basis it becomes an addiction.  my addiction is nylon clad feet.  i love that soft silky feeling against my skin.  Nylons, pantyhose or even knee-highs are not a must but a huge plus.  Now i know as a submissive, it is not about me but i would like to find someone who truly adores foot worship.  Greet me at the door with a kick to the nuts and that will be my queue to hit the floor and begin cleaning your shoes with my tongue.  i want to lick the dirt from the bottom of your shoes, heels or flats will not matter, just step up and start wiping your feet on my face.  i love the scent of a foot as slips out of a leather shoe or a sweaty sneaker.  Use my face as your stepping stool or a foot rest as you watch TV or read a book or entertain your date.  i will lick the dirt off of them, I will suck, rub and oil them.  i will truly take care of them and make them feel good for you.


Of course i am up to all else that come with a Dom/sub relationship like CBT, TT, Queening and ass worship, toilet duties and ass cleaning.  i will take bondage and discipline, slapping and spitting and even cuckold duties like fluffing and cleanup.  i am yours to use and abuse in any way you wish.  i will also offer foot worship to CD’s and Trans but nylon or pantyhose are a must at the very least knee-highs. 


As i have cuckold tendencies, i am a good cocksucker and will deep throat for a Dom male. Will be willing to wear panties and allow you to ravage my ass as you wish. So, local Dom Males feel free to contact. If you like it could be your regular cocksucker.

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