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I am an owned pain pig who deserves to be beat, tortured, gang raped, pissed on and much more.
Female Switch, 40,  Green River, Wyoming US

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LesbianFemale Slave
Age: 34
Location: Wisconsin
Last on 9/15/17 at 2:54 PM











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 Female Switch

 Green River 


 5' 4"

 115 lbs






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Submissive Female

I am an owned pain pig who deserves to be beat, tortured, gang raped, pissed on and much more. My Master enjoys whipping me violently, pissing down my throat, sharing me with local men, women and couples who will treat me like the piece of filthy fuck meat that i am.

i am NOT looking for a new owner!!


I seek a pet slut (female) for me to torture, abuse and play with while my Master is at work.

 I am a slave to my Master and will do anything he tells me to do, without question. But I also have a very dominant sadistic side to others, especially females. I would love to find a beta slave type who sought to vanish from the vanilla world, who longed to stop hiding her true self behind a facade of normality.  With us you can finally be yourself. No matter how perverse your secret inner desires are,  you could truly be yourself, no more hiding, no more pretending. Rather than judging you, we would accept you, rather than forcing you to repress your inner desires we would encourage you to nurture them, to venture even further into your deviance, to wallow in your own depravity, to totally immerse yourself in wickedness, to completely lose yourself in perversion. 


Journal Entries:
8/13/2017 4:08:42 PM
I just want a filthy, nasty, dirty little slut toy to call my own. It would be fun to have a girl we could pretend was our daughter that we enslaved, molested and abused. The more sick, twisted and bizarre you are the happier I will be.

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