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Fair but firm man looking for a smart, professional submissive woman for LDD or HOH relationsh
Male Dominant, 46,  Jackson, Tennessee US

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Submissive Female

Fair but firm man looking for a smart, professional submissive woman for LDD or HOH relationship.  Her well being, and that of our relationship, will always be first and foremost.  She will always have my support in her public endeavors or that of her job/career as it takes a team to build a strong foundation for such a relationship.  She also understands that if/when discipline is necessary, it will be carried out in hopes of guiding such behavior to a different conclusion.  

You are a free woman to voice how you feel, your thoughts.  I welcome your viewpoint on all things, but you must also understand that whatever decision I make is mine to make.  Your opinions will be valued toward such decisions regardless of what they are.


Journal Entries:
7/23/2017 12:37:46 PM

I never imagined I'd be here, writing this to you

For you

For so many years, I always thought I'd live forever, be immortal in life

It wasn't until a few years ago, much to my chagrin, that I realized that wasn't true

I realized that we occupy a finite space, amount of time, upon this planet

And in the blink of the universe's eye, we, as people, our lives are gone


You've known me, seen me at my absolute worst and hopefully, at my absolute best

Maybe you didn't know me all that well

Possibly, you knew me inside and out

What I loved, what I feared, and what I despised


You know I love, I crave, the dirt, the blood, the fire

You've seen the darkness that resides deep inside, and you've seen me harness her

To wreak havoc and carnage upon who I deemed my enemies

Yet you've seen the dichotomy of who I am

The light that is able to shine through my stained glass windows

That allows me to heal, to help, and to nurture the sick and the dying


Yet here I am, winding down my time here

With you

Hoping I didn't let you down along the way, hoping our regrets are few

That my memories are my own, and not fragments of what I always wanted to be true

My dreams were always filled with the wreckage of life, mainly mine

But they were always filled with you, supporting me throughout it all

And I can never repay you for that, in this life or the next


Take the torch of me, light it, let it burn brightly through the night

Let my fire chase away your shadows, your darkness

Take the light of me, and incorporate all that was good within me and make your own

For the light of me was always the light I found within you



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