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hii there. if you can't take the time nor have the patients to read this than please pass by
Trans Submissive, 26,  Fayetteville, Arkansas US

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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 50, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: chicago, Illinois
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hii there. if you can't take the time nor have the patients to read this than please pass by



i'm a fulltime transgender woman. This means i'm not just a crossdresser but i live breath and feel as a woman 24/7. i am 6 months of estrogen yes my breast are forming though i do want breast augmentation and a couple other surgeries. i have 5 tattoos and want more. i also have my tongue pierced i want my belly button done and my nipples pierced. my style of dress is very wide i can look like Your personal pornstar slut or i can be ballroom classy for a vanilla event. my Owner will have his choice on what i look like the way He wants me to do my makeup, the exact dress or heel whatever He pleases that day.


i am a submissive looking to find her experienced Dom Daddy that i can relocate to and He Own me this means I am looking for a 24/7 live-in as a slave/sub. i am very kinky (aren't we all on here). perverted and comfortable with my status and sexualityI'm loyal, honest, obedient almost to a fault. IF and only if you have the means to support us both(this means my transition) than a 50s style relationship or TPE where i stay at home, cook, clean and look pretty and be Your slave is an option but if your not looking to fully financially support my transition i understand. i have ideas for a career i would love to start and would absolutely love having my Dom there to back me up emotionally for support. this means lots of time spent in the vanilla world but this is life. So be more so in mind of a relationship based around BDSM ie: even though im in the vanilla world working im still Your slave, i return to home and the chains go on. Protocols and Rituals will absolutely need to be present and are VERY important to me. Even though we are people in our Day to Day lives. i LIVE this lifestyle in my mind 24/7 if you message me and your a Dom i will immediately call you Sir. this isn't just submission but respect. to me being submissive isn't an act or just for sexy fun it who i am ALL the time. For me you EARN the Daddy/Master/Owner title by showing me respect and honesty thus allowing me to present my power and control for Your Taking. For the one who earns that title will have beyond the most loyal obedient every changing beautiful sub/slave one can Own.



my Owner must not want to hide me but instead embrace my beauty and want to be and be seen with a one of a kind woman like me. You must not be afraid to be out in the vanilla world with a TG. my Owner should want to flaunt his babygirl as his work of art. this does not mean being all over each other all the time but a kiss on the cheek or a hand to get up just be a gentleman.



i have a beautiful mind, would You like to own it? Stimulate my mind with conversation of how You plan to take away my power and control. Don't just message me saying " You have a nice ass" and expect me to carry on a conversation with that. Consume my mind, Your the Dom, lead me into Your web i promise i have the intellect to stimulate Your mind back not just "yes Sir"


be real and serious no games lets not waste each others precious and valuable time. i'm ready to start my next chapter in life. i'm not looking to wait for 5+ yrs from now. If i excite You but You don't have the ability or You don't have the time nor the enthusiasm to put effort into this just as much as i do please let me know upfront if Your just wanting to chat just to be friends. also i DONT SEND NUDES unless your a potential owner Under consideration my pictures on here are as risky as you get.


if You do not have a profile pic Please be ready to send one in the first message. Also collarspace is nice but i hate the message base system on here so be ready to download kik to communicate till i feel safe to go further


if You got this far and are still reading. If You believe im what Your looking for send something i will always respond even if its no thank You not interested. if You just want to compliment and just wanna chat that's cool too just let me know.


Thank You for taking the time<3

Much love!

Journal Entries:
9/16/2017 10:30:36 PM
i just updated my profile 9/21/17. i felt i was very vague in my first one thus giving me vague results. i updated it in hopes of more so pinpointing exactly what im looking for. so many people who are misleading on here its ridiculous. Don't forget i may be a sub but be courteous and kind those qualities go far with me.

9/4/2017 4:34:39 PM
As of 9/8/2017 I am back to being available. Please do not waste my time. I am not looking for a "free ride" nor am I looking for someone to pay for my transistion. If you'd like to help than sure but it's not needed. I never ask for money in the least bit of situations I'm very career oriented and have amazing dreams if you wish for me to follow but if your asking for me to become a live-in and serve you 24/7 TPE please have the means to do so.

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