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I'm very sexually open minded and very much in touch with my personal needs and desires.  
Female Slave, 26,  Phoenix area, Arizona US

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 Female Slave

 Phoenix area 


 5' 5"

 125 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Friends Only

I'm very sexually open minded and very much in touch with my personal needs and desires.  I'm not naive or new to this lifestyle. I have served in various capacities ranging from slave to total slut and all in between. All of which has been rewarding and memorable. 

I'm very open to meeting an experienced Domme, Dom/Domme, Domme/Domme or select M/F couples (21 - 45 age group max) who enjoys mental, physical and sexual exploration, training and use of very very naughty but nice black slave girls. I'm not into cyber fantasies or putting on CAM shows for wankers.  I'm a highly sexual person, not shy, nor do I downplay my intelligence, desires or need to be used and treated as such. Also, after have served various races, I have no race or skin color hang-ups. 

I prefer to submit and serve those who lead and impose their mental, physical and sexual will as opposed to catering to what they think I want or enjoy sexually. I enjoy a good mind fuck as much as a physical one.  Not all here will get or understand that statement.

Quality and trusting relationships don't magically happen overnight or just materialize as a result of a few unsolicited email exchanges. That's just not reality. Also, if you start the conversation off with lies, insults, deceit or 1/2 truths, it's usually is a preion for failure, so why take that approach?

I'm not a hooker, dancer, sugar baby or side piece. I don't want your money or get a wet from shopping spree offers. I'm college educated, have my own resources and do my own shopping. What I seek is to experience total submission and use. Objectified and used daily, hourly......etc. Required to serve, please, pleasure and be used as my owner so desires and given limits that he / she desires me to have.  


Please respect my age limit / boundaries. senior citizens trying to hook up with 20 something yr olds is just creepy!!!


Journal Entries:
9/6/2017 2:10:44 PM
Fact: Collarspace has more millionaires per click than any social or adult site in the history of the Internet.  LMAO

I say that because practically every Domme / Dom whom I converse with rattles on and on about how rich or wealthy he / she is.  About their multi-million dollar homes. Exoctic cars, vacation homes around the world. Their long pedigree of wealthy and family fortunes.

I guess in cyberspace we all can be independently wealthy for day, week or for a few clicks of the mouse or the duration of our time online. 

Someone once told me years ago that "An empty wagon, makes a lot of noise"  So chances are if you have to lead the conversation with your purse or wallet. 99% of the time it's just lies and BS. NEWFLASH: your social-economic status really does not play a part in my attraction or interest in people.

I'm not rich, nor am I dirt poor either. I'm a young, educated, gainfully employed career professional. Still paying off grad school student loans like most but life is good.

Happy, naughty, open minded, kinky and enjoying life.

If you can't add to the fun and excitement, by all means don't fuck it up with your games and bullshit.

8/21/2017 6:55:58 AM
It's strange how mostly every contact from supposedly M/F couple here, it's always just the male half and the female half is nowhere to found. Nowhere to be found or ever heard from.

Our you read their couple profile and the female status indicate she is "straight."  So basically it's just a bunch of married men trolling female profiles looking for a side piece for themselves. Most likely on the DL.

Why lie and if you start the conversation off with a lie, an insult or bullshit, do you really expect something positive to materialize?

That's about as weak and pathetic as the "Dommes' here who demand that you get on CAM naked in order to converse with them but when you insist that they do the same, mysteriously their cam is always broken, don't have one or no local best buy in their area.   

Do men really think women are that naive and stupid? 

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