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 Good Morning,   We are a Male led couple actively seeking a submissive male femal
Dom/Slave Couple, 52/42,  Columbus, Ohio US

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 Good Morning,


We are a Male led couple actively seeking a submissive male female or couple. ( More pictures can be found at alt name Ryder2705)


We are both experienced and she is much more a first girl.

meaning simply while she is my slave she would be Dominant to you. However as a full time slave she could and would also act as a mentor.

I am Bisexual as is she so the submissive would be expected to be as well.


My biggest thing is control so a power exchange relationship is both desired and expected with both of flogging and spanking. I do some bondage though I am by no mean an expert at it.

I have spent my life learning new things such as fire play, electric play, and a whole lot of others. There are very few kinks I say no to and am always willing to listen study and try things to see if I like them.

I have been told I am to intense and tend to scare people away. I have trained many slaves and they all are healthy happy and better then they were when we met. This may sound arrogant but in reality I am very good at what I do. 

I won't judge you so there is no reason not to write us.


As I reread this I realized it was all about what we want not what we have to offer to others.


So I will be thinking about this the next few days and updating hen I have put it into words.

Journal Entries:
8/20/2017 8:16:10 AM
 Meeting someone from on-line can be a scary prospect. How can you be sure they are who they say they are etc. It's an age old question applied to new technology. Before computers these lies were told in bars or anywhere else people gathered. Starting a relationship  any kind can be scary since it leaves us vulnerable to emotional pain. The only thing we can do is take the chance and hope it works out how we want it to.

The huge difference is now we meet across distances and we've all heard the horror stories about murder abduction etc. How do we protect ourselves from that.

First we talk to each other a lot across all media learn as much as we can look for red flags etc. Second we can be sure we meet in a public place perhaps a
munch. Meeting in person we can start to see if the person is who they say they are. Maybe a play party so we can meet the people who know them perhaps watch them play with someone and see if their skill is what they claim.

We can set up safe calls with code words. Call someone at a predesignated time and the conversation has to have that word in it. If it doesn't then the person on the other end of the call knows there is an issue.

Most importantly be sure someone knows where you are and who your with. 

Be careful but don't be fearful after all how can you find what you want if you don't go for it.


8/12/2017 2:40:53 AM
So no responses to mail I've sent yet am still hopeful thought.
Was thinking about safety this morning so decided to write down my views.
SSC vs Rack:

Safe sane consensual: For the most part I agree with this concept. A Dom has to be sane in order to insure a scene as safe as possible. Consent is vital to this lifestyle even in an M/s relationship where consensual non consent holds sway. The issue I have is a lot of the things we do by their very nature is not safe. Tats why I prefer Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Which simply means everyone involved in the scene knows and accepts and has given consent for it.

Limits: I hear so often people say I have no limits. I assume these have to be new people who just haven't really thought about their limits or haven't considered what is really out there. Everyone Dom and sub has limits the trick is to find them and work inside and with them.

Safewords: Another thing I hear shouldn't be allowed to which I respond what if a knot slips and your fingers go numb how would you let me know. Red and yellow are both neccesary. I need to know when your approaching your limit with yellow so I can decide I found and how I want to push it. Red so that I don't go beyond I pride myself in never harming a sub however occasionally I will cause pain.

8/11/2017 5:02:23 AM
So I decided maybe I should write my thoughts on this journey to find a couple for us.
Perhaps to clarify things in my head maybe I should write out my thoughts.

What do I want for us. I want a sub/slave to serve us domestically in a bdsm way as well as  sexually. I don't care about there age looks or what their relationship is. What matters to me is what is in their heart. I want them to be able and open to service and training. 

What do I mean by training? I have a lot of interests in the lifestyle from fairly tame sexual flogging scenes through to the more extreme type. I understand that those I accept will in all probability be new or newish. That means they will have to be brought from where they are to where I want them to be. This will take time, patience, consistency, and firmness.

I know it will not happen overnight but I want them to be available to us 24/7 that means a live in situation. This would start with meetings and play and training from more of a distance while building the needed relationship and deciding exactly what I want it to look like.

I have no expectations of what's out there right  hopefully will be able to find the couple of our dreams.


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