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Years ago, I was in a steady relationship with a dominant woman. It was not a traditional S+M
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Years ago, I was in a steady relationship with a dominant woman. It was not a traditional S+M relationship with all the games and weird stuff; instead, it revolved around a serious spanking.


I've read on more than one occasion that a special bond develops between the one who administers the spanking and the receiver of that spanking.


I was spanked with my own belt and I was required to wear it at all times. There is something very humiliating in having to remove your own leather belt and hand it over to someone else so they can spank you with it. After the spanking, I hated having to pick the belt up and thread it back through the loops of my pants. I didn't want to touch it and I certainly didn't want to wear it around all the time.  


Punishments were given for instances where I was disrespectful, disobedient, thoughtless or inconsiderate.  Swearing would get me spanked.  Failure to do everything on my chore list would get me spanked.


This was not a game where I would deliberately misbehave in order to be punished. It was actually quite the opposite; where I would strive to be on my best behavior at all times. The punishment sessions were not to be taken lightly, but it was the period afterward that I really treasured. The open and honest dialog, it was almost like making up after a fight.


One of the things I did when I was involved with a previous mistress was that I was required to give her a foot rub as we sat on the couch and watched TV in the evening.  It ended up being a nice time for the both of us because it relaxed her and put her in a good mood as we talked about a wide range of subjects and discussed with each other as to how our respective days had gone at work.  I was also required to give a lot of back rubs and to scrub her back whenever she bathed in the shower or soaked in the tub.  Tasks like that aren't some game between mistress and servant, they are common tasks that any good caregiver would do for the person they loved.


I also have a desire to be in a relationship with a C/D or TG lady.  I was previously involved with a tall, slender effeminate man who liked to wear women's clothes and boots but he really wasn't into going all the way with his transformation into a woman.  It was just a plaything for both of us. He liked to dress up and administer OTK spankings. It was a big turn on for him to whip a sissy boy into submission, to watch me screaming and crying and dancing around naked with a bright red ass wearing nothing but a pair of women's boots and a pair of handcuffs.


He had this thing called a "time out belt" which was a belt that had a single handcuff mounted on each side which held your arms down at the waist.  You couldn't reach back to interfere with your spanking, nor could you play with yourself either.  It was an ingenious piece of bondage equipment.  Standing there in front of this man, waiting for my spanking, looking at him in his women's clothing and boots while holding a mean looking belt or paddle would always give me to have a throbbing erection.  Even though I had always considered myself to be heterosexual, my dick would betray me and it would be standing straight out at attention.  It was embarrassing, yet I was unable to hide my erection because my hands were locked out of the way.  


I was trained to give him blowjobs on command or drop trou and present my backside for his pleasure.  It was either do it now or take another spanking.  The belt really made me truly sorry for whatever it was that I had done and it gave me an attitude adjustment that I'll never forget.  I would let him fuck me doggy style and I had to fuck him back, wiggling and gyrating and thrusting my bottom back and forth.  I had to put a lot of effort into and had to pretend that I enjoyed it or he would stop the lovemaking session and give me another spanking in order to get me back into the mood. 


As a child, I watched a friend get spanked back in the early 1970’s.  My friend’s father worked in an office and was a fancy dresser.  He had his hair permed and wore clothing that was somewhat effeminate.  He wore colorful shirts, polyester pants in tacky plaid patterns and other colors such as light blue and even pink.  Best of all, he wore some really sexy looking dress boots.  Most had a 2-inch block heel and zipped-up tall and tight on the leg.  Even though they were marketed as high fashion men’s dress boots at the time, most were nothing more than a pair of large-sized women’s boots. 


He also wore the big wide heavy leather belts of the day, with different types of hole and stud patterns. Some of those old hippie belts were actually pretty heavy duty and could inflict an incredible amount of pain when used to administer a bare bottomed spanking.  Watching my friend screaming, squirming and crying as he laid across his father’s knee, the belt slapping down hard across his bare bottom and leaving deep red welts on his lily white skin, was an incredibly arousing experience for me.  His father looked so sexy and powerful and dominating as he sat in the chair, his pants hiked-up high, showing off his sexy black leather dress boots as he swung a heavy black leather belt with an incredible amount of force.  He was quite strong and had no problem holding down his son in an iron grip as he lit his butt on fire with that belt.  It was quite a ferocious spanking; you didn’t want to mess with this man.  Even though I would have been terrified to receive such a severe spanking, I still wanted to be over his knee, staring down at his boots as he worked me over with his belt.  He wore boots that were similar to the modern Beatwear High Lennon boot.  I have a pair myself and they really are quite sexy. 


Nothing is more of a turn-on for me than the experience of receiving a spanking from an effeminate man, transgender, or crossdresser, where I would be in handcuffs, totally helpless, where the punishment isn’t a joke, a spanking that would leave me screaming and crying when it’s over with. The belt has a way of making me do things that I normally wouldn’t do such as submitting my bright red bottom for the pleasure of my master or mistress along with reaching up under their dress or unzipping their trousers and pulling out a dick and rubbing on it until it gets hard and going down and sucking on it until I’m forced to swallow a big load of cum.


I would love to be in an arrangement where I am either the houseboy or maid or slave and I am not given any say and I'm forced to live under a regimen of strict discipline, where good, old-fashioned spankings are frequently administered with no safe word, and where personal limits are not respected.  Scenarios include a father-son strap party, a mistress-slave relationship, or where one sissy boy is being dogged-out with a belt by another sissy boy.


Nothing could be sexier as the sound of our high heeled boots clicking on the tile floor as we walk into the punishment room.  Nothing could be scarier than listening to the sound of the belt as it slaps hard against a bare bottom with tremendous force, the sound echoing across the room. Nothing could be more funny and humiliating than to watch someone do the red bottom dance, totally naked except for a pair of women’s boots and a handcuff belt. After I've been spanked, I'm always jumping up and down, dancing around, twisting and squirming, trying to get my hands free in a failed attempt to reach behind and rub some of the pain out of my bright red bottom.  My ass is on fire, but there is nothing I can do about it.  The burning and stinging are driving me crazy and it doesn’t seem like it is ever going to subside.


The pain from a good hard belt spanking lasts for hours and is an extremely unpleasant experience. Even though I am a grown man, the belt has done its job; it has taught me the importance of obeying the house rules and to always show the ultimate amount of respect and obedience to my master or mistress. Anyone who says a spanking doesn’t work has never been strapped on a bench and given a good hard spanking with a belt or leather strap.  Years ago, they used this form of punishment in prison and there were seldom any repeat offenders.  If the belt works on hardened prisoners, it will certainly work on me. Growing up, I was always being told by my parents, teachers, and other authority figures that I was a kid who seemed to respond very well to a spanking and was incredibly nice, polite and respectful afterward.


I also have another childhood memory of a neighbor girl who lived with an incredibly strict father.  He was constantly threatening her with the belt and she probably got spanked at least once or twice a month.  Anytime he mentioned the belt, she would immediately stop what she was doing and cower in fear and start begging and pleading for him not to use the belt.  During one instance, I know that she was spanked hard with the belt for arriving home one minute late. To spank someone for being one minute late tells me that he enjoyed giving spankings and that it probably was a turn on for him.  Even though he was an incredibly strict asshole, I had fantasies of living at his house, under his rule where I would be taken downstairs for a good old fashioned belt spanking on a regular basis.


I do not know what is wrong with me; when I’ve been spanked by women, I’ve had an incredible erection before the spanking even though I know that once the spanking starts, my erection will wither and die once the pain reaches a certain level and be absolutely miserable during and after the spanking, but once the pain subsides, my erection returns.  


It’s one thing to be spanked by an attractive woman, personal limits respected, safe word, blah, blah; but it’s another thing to be spanked by a man. While he isn’t cruel or sadistic, nor are his spankings excessive, but he tends to hit a lot harder and will usually administer the kind of spanking that will leave me screaming and crying for a long time afterward. 


I can think of nothing is more humiliating or degrading than having to remove my clothes and stand naked before another man for a good old fashioned belt spanking, having complied out of fear that the spanking will be exponentially worse if I do not cooperate for his punishment. A spanking becomes a much-feared punishment when the subject is handcuffed or strapped to a bench and unable to squirm out of it or use your hands to block some of the blows.  In a situation like that, it’s always much better to cooperate and not enrage the person who is going to be administering the spanking.


I have a nice collection of women’s shoes and dresses.  I am 5'11" average build, wear a size 9-10 men’s / size 11-12 women’s shoe, have a 38 inch waist / wear women's size 14-18 depending on the brand and clothing item and it would be nice to find someone with similar measurements so we can swap shoes, dresses and other articles of clothing when playing dress up.  


I received most of my dress collection from a woman in my apartment building who left them on the "free" table.  It was obvious that she had gained too much weight for them to fit anymore and had given them away.  She is a really nasty and bitchy person and would be furious to know that her dresses had been appropriated by a crossdresser in her building. I think it's funny.


I am more of a sub but if there is anyone who is interested in role-playing, I can switch to where I am playing the part of a mean old grandmother who believes that naughty children should be handcuffed and given a good spanking with a belt, let me know what you need.


It could even be a scenario similar to what Bing Crosby did to one of his kids who had a weight problem; he would host weekly weigh-ins and if the kid hadn't lost one or two pounds, he was given a good belt spanking.


It doesn't matter if you are male or female; nothing is more degrading than getting a good old fashioned belt spanking and having a rubber dick shoved up your ass. You are not as tough as you think you are. Grandma's belt will break your spirit of defiance.


Perhaps you are already a practicing straight dominatrix and would be interested in an informal partnership where we would tag team certain clients who are looking for my particular type of services.


The belt has a tendency to make people scream and holler whenever it is applied across their backside, and since the walls are somewhat thin where I live, it is recommended that we get together at your place or other suitable location.


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