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Hello there, to make things clear, I'm not a traditional dom. If you are looking for someone t
Male Dominant, 30,  New Hampshire US

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Hello there, to make things clear, I'm not a traditional dom. If you are looking for someone to wrap you in rubber latex, suspend you from a ceiling, whip, hit or scar you, look elsewhere. Other than the occasional spanking/ slap you will not see must pain under my care. What I am searching for is more of a pet than slave. Now don't get me wrong, disobedience will give way to discipline. As any dog is punished when they do wrong. However, I prefer to inflict more creative corrections.

The like might include extremes such as feeding you nothing but kibble, forced bladder holding, sight and sound deprivation. Lessers being forced mass multi orgasm, unrelenting teasing and excruciatingly long edging sessions with ruined orgasm. From here I will leave off with promising you. This is only a limited few of many, many punishments you will/ may incur.

You will offer yourself to me completely and to me alone. Should another attempt to take you, whether man or beast, you will fight within an inch of your life to protect what is mine. As a pet you will have little leeway, you can whimper, plead and beg and, once in while, I may concede to your puppy dog eyes, only just may though.

While I'm not home you will be caged. You'll have your favorite doggy bed, blanket and squeaker with you and you will wait excitedly for me to return. Should you find you need to go out you will hold it. Soiling your cage will be grounds for hefty reprisal.

At first you will have a trial, you will be given a collar that only I may remove. At the end of this trial I will either set you free or give you a tag with you true name. This will signify that I've taken you as my own and you will be given one last choice to make fully on your own. Accept the tag and me as you master. In which case I will love and care for your for the rest of our days. Or until you chose to betray me and remove your collar on your own, which ever comes first.

Otherwise, you can chose not to accept me and forsake any future possibility of being my pet.

If you believe you are fit to be my bitch don't delay, message me now.

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