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Im beautiful,intelligent,curvy,caring, and aggressive! I love BDSM because I can... You will l
Female Dominant, 37,  Florida US

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StraightMale Slave
Age: 30, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 156 lbs.
Location: New York
Last on 11/16/17 at 12:36 PM
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StraightMale Slave
Age: 26, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 185 lbs.
Location: Pennsylvania
Last on 11/17/17 at 6:33 AM
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 21, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 118 lbs.
Location: Oklahoma
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Submissive Female

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Im beautiful,intelligent,curvy,caring, and aggressive! I love BDSM because I can... You will love it because it pleases me!! Looking for like minded, mature, conscenting adults between the ages of 27 - 45!! I am a Dominant 37 year young, married woman with a family. I prefer sub/slave or puppy females. I have recently become very bicurious!! I always use discretion and I expect the same from others in our lifestyle.

No children, No vomit, No blood, No enemas, No sounding, No urine or feces!!

Fun stuff:

Hair pulling, spanking, ties, blind folds, vibrators, strap on, paddle, whips, tickler, flogger, butt plug, collar, leash, chasity and chains will be used!

== Results from ==
96% Dominant
95% Master/Mistress
94% Voyeur
87% Owner
84% Exhibitionist
73% Sadist
69% Rigger
62% Primal (Hunter)
59% Degrader
51% Vanilla
46% Experimentalist
44% Non-monogamist
43% Daddy/Mommy
37% Switch
33% Primal (Prey)
28% Boy/Girl
10% Masochist
9% Brat
6% Submissive
5% Rope bunny
2% Ageplayer
0% Slave
0% Degradee
0% Pet

I uniquely design my contracts based on the mutual needs between myself and my submissive person after considering them for 2-6 weeks. If I feel we are a good fit and you happen to be that lucky person you will have the honor of submitting to me fully by signing my binding contract and sealing it with a kiss. This will be a daily guide line for you to get the most pleasure and satisfaction of knowing you are pleasing your master. Your guide line will cover:
1. Expectations: wants and desires between Dom and Sub
2. Quality Time: schedules
3. Instructions: obedience
4. Routine: daily challenges
5. Limits: safeword
6. Role play: meet up
7. Relationship status: collar
8. Gifts: mutual
9. Etc....

Give this guide serious thought and ask yourself if you are truly capable of being controlled. If you think you have what it takes to be my special person(s) then tell me about yourself and include a recent picture.

Journal Entries:
9/15/2017 3:40:53 PM
Im meeting a lot of interesting people on this site! Thank you for all the attention but I really am looking for a special lady sub to play with at this time. I am very bicurious!! Also if you are truly interested in getting to know me make sure you send a picture. If you dont read my profile completely and do what I expect of you, dont get pouty face when I ignore you or block you! I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am these days!

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