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11/2/2017 9:24:23 PM
Anybody who messages; I can't respond. This site is not letting me. So, no I'm not ignoring people. Hopefully they will.fix it soon. Good thing it's free lol

11/2/2017 2:15:38 PM
OMG !!!!! This lunatic broken down site. It has not let me send out mail until today AND when i did it posted some message saying I blocked the other person. Which I did NOT. That other person has tried multiple times to reach out to me and must think I'm a player. GRRRRRRR.

Also for 2 days straight it signed me in and out of multiple accts. Jeezes. 

10/30/2017 9:00:56 AM
Im not convinced im ready to move on. *sighs* Time will tell. I'm open to ideas and chatting, for sure.

10/17/2017 12:03:12 PM
Apparently, no female Dominants are interested. *sad face*

9/19/2017 4:04:59 PM
Thank you to all the very nice Dominants who have written. Many of you offered an ear to lend and sage advice from the seasoned. It's been very refreshing and uplifting.

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