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I'm not really here seeking anything all too serious, just looking to talk to others with simi
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I'm not really here seeking anything all too serious, just looking to talk to others with similar interests and maybe engage in a bit of RP or online play with the right person.


As far as my kinks go I am fairly open to anything and can really enjoy either the sub or Dom role depending on who I am with. I spent a few minutes and filled out the interests page, but I figured I'd share my recent interests in greater detail below.


Lately I have been into exploring a few kinks. Recently when I have taken the submissive role I have really enjoyed private humiliation. I have always been a fairly proud person, and something about having that whittled down by someone and subsequently used is something i'd love to explore. As a Dom I definitely enjoy humiliation, but have a bit of experience with it already. Lately I have had an urge to have a few online subs and exert a bit of control over their life (part of why I am here), all the while doing nothing for them but bark orders, give assignments and hand down punishments. In terms of an individual fetish, as weird as I know a lot  of people think it is, I have been wanting to explore diaper play on both sides. I think it has something to do with my love for power-exchange and the removal of control on such a basic level; something about the kink does it for me in a few ways. I've had a few IRL experiences with it, but my curiosity is far from filled and would love to talk to others with similar interests.


So I used to have 'Just shoot me a message if you think we'd click' here, but I guess even with my taboo kink on display I am too popular. So please know I can not reply to everyone, let alone hold a conversation with half the people who want to talk. So please, full sentences, decent grammar and some detail. If you think we'd click tell me why. Or if you want to be creative and share my taboo kink, I am absolutely looking for self-play ideas, scenarios, tasks and challenges, no matter how long or how short. If I end up doing it I'll definitely reach out and share the experience with you.





Journal Entries:
9/5/2017 1:04:22 AM
Woah, I was warned the amount of messages could be bad here, but wow. Fortunately I haven't seen too many really crazy people like my friend warned me about, but I am definitely going to stay cautious. Probably also going to edit my profile a bit in regard to my willingness to share pics, video, my kik etc... to avoid someone dude if you don't even have a picture, why the hell would I send you mine...I'll prob also add something about suggestion for some self-play scenarios with diapers. After talking to a few others tonight into the kink I am sure I want to jump all the way in with them. I think first before I cross that line though I need to do it in private to know what I am getting into firsthand. Sadly, I've never really been able to enjoy creative self-play outside some good old masturbation, but I am thinking if I can use someone else's idea (or a combination of ideas) I might like it a bit more.

hmm, I guess we'll see.


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