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9/17/2017 5:47:06 PM
iiiiiiii am wrrrritng tghis bt it feels so hards. i feel bad becuase i didntget tgo keep upo with my entireis like a goodddddddddd boyyt bujt its beucawe iorl is a bticccch i ahvent cum yes though       but i ttry so haaaaaaaaaedx. Mistresss hjldon me is tooioo stronmg its drikv ng me insanneee...... i wsant ntoo trty writging more of my thoughhtsa wheni can think straight but i feedl toooo gooooooooo now       ww

9/7/2017 5:38:13 PM
I find my second day to be another long and arduous day of work, however with the added twist of the horrible constant nagging horniness of yesterday, but worse. I find that I am getting more and more desperate seemingly with each passing hour, although I know it's not truly that bad.
All I could think of today was wondering what my Mistress looks like. As well as the curiosity of whether she will actually even view any of this or if my labors in writing my experiences and thoughts are futile, just a cruel trick... She did say she was feeling rather sadistic when we spoke...
I haven't been home long, however while taking my shower I attempted to get myself off... My desperation becoming more than I could bear resisting and I tried to get myself off.... Futilely for 30minutes... I was on the edge for much of it but whatever she has done to my mind is keeping me from that dear sweet climax I so badly want... I feel as if I am screwed... Despite this... I find the situation disturbingly erotic..

9/6/2017 8:20:50 PM
It has been only one day since I was set down this path by my mistress, and I already find myself feeling like the denial is nearly unbearable. I worked today all day, but I found my mind kept slipping to the previous night of hypnotic mind breaking, and the blissful emptiness she inflicted upon me. Doing so of course caused me to begin to become erect as I thought of the pleasure I was forced to feel despite being unable to touch my cock.

As well as this I found the blue balls I have been left with as result of hours of edging (in one form or another) to be a constant painful reminder of how she now owns my orgasms.  Despite this pain I find it only incites more excitement from me and I find myself craving more.

My only failure thus far is not getting her the pictures she has asked for with the items I was told to acquire, I hope I will be able to soon. Work is rather intense at the moment, but I find I have this overwhelming desire to please to her despite this.

9/5/2017 11:05:33 PM
Tongihttg iii met my MIStess... I cantt typp righhhhht nwo, buy shese wantts me tooo. I feel soo deeep wight now and relaaxd and i looooooooooooooove being hre pt bnuit my nipplesssssssss hurtg a lotg my ballsssssssssss also are so gill.... dshe brokeee my cokc it wont cujm unlessssss ssh telss me it van i tried so muich on my own butt itgv wont4 doi ttttttttt i nedvr had this feeoliknge beforee or get so haqrfd i orecujmj everyhwww amn sleepion goocdinrr MNiiiiigtes

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