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No one looking for online only.   I am looking for something very unique. I enjoy conce
Male Dominant, 43,  Kentucky US

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No one looking for online only.


I am looking for something very unique. I enjoy concepts of mind control and I am seeking a slave who will conform to a 24/7 mind-control fantasy. I am open to exploring hypnotism and such, but regardless, said slave will be expected to act the part of a completely mentally enslaved woman who is both inwardly and outwardly unable to resist obeying my every command.


She will be expected to show as little emotion as possible at all times. She will give blank, expressionless looks as if she were simply a robot waiting for her next command. She will at times give a big smile as if mimicking human behavior and trying to be pleasant.


If you'd like just one behavioral example:


It needs to be said that -no- limits will be allowed. I have zero intention of permanently harming my slave, but technically speaking, my slave is permitted no limits, period. Also, it needs to be said that this behavior you're expected to exhibit 24/7. This will be the slave's new identity. The person they were before will be irrelevant.


I am open to passable trans women as well, or males that have clear potential to be attractive trans women with some effort. Be aware that in such cases, how your cock is used or whether you're permitted to keep your cock at all is up to what I decide I'd like.


Finally, you -must- be willing to speak on the phone within a few days of messaging here. I don't have time for fakes and time wasters. Relocation will be required as I cannot move, myself.

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