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Female Submissive, 57,  Des moines, Iowa US

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 Submissive Female

 Des moines 


 5' 2"

 170 lbs






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Dominant Male

Dom/Domme Couples

i am a submissive seeking a dom/domme couple

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2/3/2008 2:35:11 AM

The forced leather straps pinion her arms
elbows cinched tight, displaying the charms
of Japanese rope bondage painfully tight
specially made hemp, knotted to bite.

Her spread-eagled torso partially unrobed
pink nipples clamped, bound in a globe.
Neck stiffly collared, head motion - less
slutty red heels, in a tight rubber dress.

Legs splayed wide, forced in a "Y"
a hard leather bridle stifles her cry.
Those delicate eyes implore a release
that heightens the tension, begging to please.

Sinews plucked taut, nay, tight as a bow
tethered, restrained and painfully slow
the cruel Danse M'Cabre whips up the beat
searing the soles of her nylon seamed feet.

The silent Dom smiles, then grasps the bullwhip
his powerful presence tightens the grip
on his trapped and trussed victim, helplessly bound
by the strands of his Web, gagged - not a sound
escapes engorged lips clamped wide in a scream
of ecstacy - within a vivid crimson striped dream.

Her futile struggles to a painful climax
as the whip caresses the rubber sheathed cracks.
Her crotch is strapped, then cropped - a surprise
with a wail of distress that's forbidden to rise
as the standing wave slumps, pleasure taken away
a huge dark hole looms. Her body screams - STAY!

But His question is urgent, she's ordered to tell
which side of the chasm - Heaven or Hell?
She chooses the Heaven, submits to His Will
totally subservile, silent and still.

The angel then prostrates down at his feet
licking and serving his blood engorged meat.
Erect and huge, noble and proud
The Dominant Master and servant not cowed

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