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Yes, I am a domestic submissive but I have also begun looking for a female sub to be my partne
Male Submissive, 60,  Lovell, Wyoming US

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Yes, I am a domestic submissive but I have also begun looking for a female sub to be my partner and serve others. I am at my best as a domestic submissive. But I am interested in a female sub and we'll be a sub/sub couple. This Wyoming with very few kinksters but plenty of places to play outdoors. I am under the same name on Fetlife and Femdommesociety.


So you know right off. I had an accident at work back in 2004 that has me use knee braces and a cane when out and about. I can't crawl or kneel but I can sit and scoot.


I guess I have to post this here. Age, gender, race, body shape, etc have no place in BDSM when looking for a sub/slave. But they do when you are looking for BDSM and a relationship. I am looking for a little of both and therefore I am looking for a female. Males may apply to clean house, etc. It's not sex, it is respect and service.


I am best at being a Domestic submissive - house cleaning, laundry, yard work, errands, basically a househusband that does everything you tell him to do. Yes - that means if you tell me to wear a dress with a wig, false breasts, lipstick, pink panties and heels, that is how I will dress for you as well as in leathers or naked. I believe in keeping a clean house. Love giving and receiving massages. Love outdoor camping and BDSM. If it makes your life easier and more pleasant, then I am happy too.




My Slave Number is 972-039-623


Yes, I am a sub but willing to be partially Dominant to make a sub/sub or even a poly family work.


 Thank you.

Journal Entries:
8/12/2017 3:47:57 AM
Why would you want some one who is worthless? Why would some one want you if your best quality is being a bitch?

5/21/2017 1:10:39 PM
Too funny. He says he is new to the lifestyle and then goes on to say how he has broke in 5 slaves in his lifetime. Yeah, right, dumbass.

2/13/2017 9:32:18 AM
Today, Master Delsol and Ms Lilly offered me their collar and I accepted. I am so happy!

12/13/2016 8:42:27 AM
My new cb6000s clear and pink chastity cages have arrived. A poll on Fetlife - all the votes were for the me to be locked in the pink cb6000s and as of today, Dec 17, 2016, I am locked in it with tab number 583726. As I consider being locked in chastity as ownership, a good friend and fellow kinksters, Master Jim and his sub have taken control over me as long as he keeps me locked up unless further control and maybe ownership happens.

12/10/2016 7:47:42 AM
I really enjoy turkey so this week, I've baked a turkey. Today I'm making home made dressing right now, doing the laundry, cleaning house and later baking a ole family recipe cheesecake from scratch. Listening to ZZ Top followed by the Doors and now some Santana. Life is good for a locked in chastity domestic sub. Unfortunately, I have the keys.

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