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Hello.  Welcome to my profile.   This little box is the special place where I g
Male Dominant, 42,  Albuquerque, New Mexico US

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 Dominant Male


 New Mexico

 6' 0"

 210 lbs





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Submissive Female

Hello.  Welcome to my profile.   This little box is the special place where I get to tell you all about how hot I'm going to make you with all the things I'm going to do with your delicious body.  Well, sorry to disappoint, but I need more than that.  This internet profile is a means to an end. Its a way for you and I to find each other.


So, since you just might be the you I'm looking for, here is a bit about me.  I am, professionally employed in a career I enjoy.  I have a pretty good sense of humor, all my teeth and toes and generally like to be playful. I've had blue collar and white collar careers and I can tear down an engine on Saturday and enjoy an art gallery on Sunday.  I do have many vanilla interests and am a busy man. 


If you've read this far, you're probably wondering why I'm on this site; its been pretty vanilla talk up to this point.  I'm here because I am a dominant man.  When I say dominant, I don't mean that I like to just swing a whip or spank a nice ass once in a while, though I do like that too.  When I say dominant, I'm talking about the mindset I have within my relationships.   


I expect things to work a certain way.  I've been exploring this lifestyle since before the internet.  I realized this part of me when I was fairly young and embraced it.  I have never been in a relationship that wasn't power exchange based and this is really is more than just bedroom games for me.  I'm interested in someone who needs to be in a structured relationship with a man who understands dominance, structure, consistency and who is aware of both psychological and physical aspects of this way of life.

You know who you are.....   Lets talk.


You should know that I will not treat you like I own you; not until I do.  I expect to move slow and actually get to know you.  I want to chat about our days and get to know each other in a pretty normal way.  Of course, I enjoy talking about the lifestyle and sex as well, but who you are is important to me because I'm looking for the long term. 


By the way, words have meanings...  Words like dominant, submissive, slave and owner. 


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